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Dr. Robert J. Marzano

Classroom Managment

Brett Chappell

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Dr. Robert J. Marzano

Dr. Robert J. Marzano Classroom Management Robert J. Marzano began his career in 1967as an English teacher in New York City public schools. He is senior scholar at Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL) in Aurora, Colorado, associate professor at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and president of Marzano & Associates in Centennial, Colorado. During his 35 years in public education, Marzano has worked in every state multiple times as well as in a host of countries in Europe and Asia.
The central theme in his work has been translating research and theory into practical programs and tools for K–12 teachers and administrators. Robert Marzano believes that effective education
reform begins with students and teachers in their
classrooms, with student achievement “the
superordinate goal, supported by uniform yet
flexible behaviors in the classroom.”

Wrote book - "Classroom Management that Works." (using Meta-Analysis) “Marzano has always started at the individual student
level in the classroom, and moved out from there,"
He believes that to be the big difference between him
and other reformers.” believes that district and
school administrators must ensure that “specific
interventions are enacted in every classroom in
every school.” He has spelled out those interventions in a
model built on three critical commitments that he says
administrators must make to their students. Four general Components of Classroom Management
rules and procedures
disciplinary interventions
teacher student relationships
mental set Over one years time
classes that employ disciplinary interventions will have 980 disruptions.
classes that do not will have 1,800
resulting in a 23 percentile increase in engagement
which results in a .521 standard deviations higher in achievement versus classrooms without effective management
effective managed classes will have achievement scores 20 percentile points higher Think....Pair.....Share!
Are good classroom managers born or made? Good classroom managers are not born they are teachers who understand and use specific techniques
Awareness of and training in these techniques can change teacher "behavior" which in turn changes student "behavior" Meta-Analysis
Technique of combining the results from multiple studies
Allows us to construct generalizations that weren't previously available. Action Steps
Identify specific rules and procedures for your class
Involve students in design of rules and procedures
Marzano’s New Taxonomy is made up of three systems and the Knowledge Domain, all of which are important for thinking and learning. The three systems are the Self-System, the Metacognitive System, and the Cognitive System. Cognitive system
- Marzano breaks the Cognitive System down into four components:
knowledge retrieval,
and knowledge utilization.

-All Processes build upon each other and form a foundation for learning. Self System

-This is composed of the way individuals view learning.
-It may be considered the base for education according to Marzano. Why Meta-Analysis all studies regardless of how well constructed will have uncontrolled errors
allows us to use the effect size metric
gives us an exact percentile change relative to the average number of disruptions
allows teachers to know exatly what techniques work and expected gains from employing technique. research shows that becoming a skilled classroom manager can happen relativiley quickly
teachers with a simple manual and two day workshop showed drastic improvement in terms of distruptions Promising Findings Marzano's New Taxonomy Metacognitive System This is the most important part of the system and often becomes a driving force behind all the other levels of taxonomy. How do we see Marzano's Taxonomy within our class rooms? His most recent work focuses on conducting a
meta-analysis of the literature on student achievement gains,
developing performance assessments, and integrating
national content standards into the curriculum.
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