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Functional Anatomy in Krav Maga

No description

Joris van der Linden

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Functional Anatomy in Krav Maga

Functional Anatomy: Introduction to Krav Maga: Krav Maga is a modern day
creation by Imi Lichtenfeld Master Imi We don't use machines, we build them.
-Ivan Viguurs Krav Maga's
Holistic point of view Mind and body are
equally deciding factors
in a fight Uses and sees the body as a whole The mind has got to be strong to continue drive the body Contents:
Introduction to Krav Maga
Krav Maga's holistic point of view
Krav Maga as a scientifically proven system
The Basics of Krav Maga
Your Body
Progress of the fight

Questions 'Dance of the monkey'
Fighting stance
Flight Krav Maga as a scientifically proven system Biomechanics Anatomy Psychology Clear thinking or Educational block The Basic principles of Krav Maga Based on natural survival-instincts
Enhancing / adding moves to natural defense
Surival more important than correct execution No Form No Rules No Defeat Progress of the fight: Phase 1:
'Dance of the Monkey' Dance of the Monkey Phase 2:
Fighting stance Shoulders straight Hips in line with shoulders Heel from the ground Feet turned slightly inward Elbows point downward Open palms Phase 3:
The Legs Weapons of the leg Knee (articulatio genus) Shinbone (tibia) Instep (Pes Cavus) Heel Bone (Calcaneus) Forefoot (metatarsus) Your Body Phase 3:
The Arms Usage of the arms Blocking Punching Grappling Communicating Weapons of the arm Elbow (cubitum) Fist (pugnus) Fingers (digita) Arms in Defense Physical Krav Maga Core stability 3 energy systems:
Oxydative Open chain exercises Phase 5:
Scan & Flight References:
M. Cheung (2001) Krav Maga The Official Israeli Self Defence System
W. Platzer (1975) Atlas van de anatomie - Bewegingsaparaat
Handzel (2003) Core training for improved performance, NSCA’s performance training journal, Vol.2 Number 6, 26-30
Withman (2011) Combat Fit: Krav Maga and CrossFit Cross Paths
National Geographics: Human Weapon, Krav Maga
Discovery Channel: Fight Quest S01E09: Krav Maga
Seminars & Lectures:
Ivan Viguurs, Expert-1 trainer, The Netherlands
Avi Moyal, Master-1, Director IKMF worldwide
Haim Sasson, Expert-4 trainer, Israel Standing fight superior to ground fight 360* Defense Inside Defense Ulna Wristlock C-grips
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