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Group 4 project

Yvonne Rodriguez

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Refugees

And a Refugee is...?
The Struggle
"She lost most of her siblings and her father to the appalling conditions in refugee camps and to the continuing violence they faced as refugees."
Refugee's Voices
"Her father died when she was still a teenager, and then the eruption of a brutal civil war led to the disappearance of mother."
"We were hungry and couldn't get work. We traveled as a family but soon after we arrived my husband died, leaving me a widow and my children without a father. I just need help, anything."
Developed countries draw refugees to do easier jobs for an income.
The people are drawn by democracies where human rights and religious freedoms are respected.
Better job opportunities.
According to the UN Department of Economics and Social Affairs (DESA) there are more than 230 million migrants in the world.

Palestinians are group of refugees who have been ware housed the longest.
This includes Afghans in refugee-like situation.
Repatriation is the process of moving the refugees back into their home country.
USA olympic runner, Lopez Lomong, was a refugee fighting for his life.
Refugee Camps
Temporary settlements built to receive refugees.
Designed to meet basic human needs for a short period of time.
Unpredictable food and water supplies.
Sometimes refugees aren't allowed to leave or work outside the camp.
Lots of violence.
Refugees in Miami
Freedom Tower: US government used this building to provide services to the immigrants
Mariel Boatlift: Cuban government announced that whoever wanted to leave could do so.
In 1961, thousands of refugees fled to Florida.
Asylum Seekers
A Person who has fled from their country but is not yet considered a refugee.
A family or single child or adult that is forced to flee their home country to escape a war, natural disaster, a persecution, or due to economic issues.
Cuban refugees waving good bye to a Cuban guard leave a dock at the port of Mariel, Cuba, headed for Key West, FL, April 28, 1980.
Refugee Voices
Country of Origin: Rwanda
Current State/City: Manchester, New Hampshire
Year of Resettlement:1999
Asmaa Mohammed Hassan
Country of Origin: Iraq
Current State/City: Farmington Hills, Michigan
Year of resettlement: 2008

Nairi Bandari
Country of Origin: Iran
Current State/City: Glendale, CA
Resettled in United States: 2012
established 1950
They wish to help refugees around the world.
Angelina Jolie is the UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador.
Internally Displaced Person
A person whom is forced to leave their home, but stays in the country's borders.
Yvonne Rodriguez
Megan Moraes
Maria Guerra
But like...Why?
Centripetal Force
No career advancements
Poor Human Rights
Natural and social conflicts
Centrifugal Force
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