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Adding New words about Character Each Week

Chris Noble

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of Character

CHARACTER COURAGE BRAVERY HONESTY TRUSTWORTHY STANDING UP FOR YOURSELF HELPING OTHERS WHEN THEY CANT HELP THEIRSELF TELLING THE TRUTH LIKE IF YOU BREAK SOMETHING LIKE KEEPING A FRIEND'S SECRET WHEN ANOTHER FRIEND TRIES TO GET YOU TO TALK KIND nice to people caring (: Helping old people with their groceries good manners! Please and thank you Listening Taking turns Say "excuse me" Not Cheating Not Lying You don't Need to Lie You Usually Get in More Trouble Fair dont cheat be honest when you have done wrong dont be a stealer
be fair to yourself give yourself enough time to do projects be equal sharing!(: CARING FOR OTHERS!(: Sympathetic Feeling Sorry for Someone "Someone's dog dies and you feel sad for them Comforting others "Feel bad" for people affected by disaster, death, hurt.... Give flowers, cards, candy, "huggy", get their mind off of something. Without sympathy: feel depressed, suicidal, alone, heartbroken, stupid, worthless being able to feel what others are feeling
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