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Ramón Piaguaje

No description

Nicolas Maldonado

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Ramón Piaguaje

Ramón Piaguaje The paintor of the Jungle History Critics Examples Why he is important? What we can lear from him? - Born 1962 in Cuyabeno Reserve (Amazon rain forest, Ecuador) He is important because of the prizes and special tributes he has We can learn that anyone can have a talent and can be used in a good way. Inn his case to protect the rainforest. -Son of Cecilio Piaguaje chief of Secoya Indiands His life Missionaries arrived to his lands and one of them William Vickers saw his abilities in panting bodies with plant pigments. William gave him oil paints and helped him perfect his art to participate in a exposition in la Universidad Catolica de Quito After that Stella Barrier an owner of a pint shop gave him materials to participate in the Windsor and Newton Painting Competition wich was a millennium event Competition In St. Jame´s Palace the judges declares Ramon´s painting as the absolute winner because of the quality of the ¨Eternal Amazon¨ His painting was competing against 22.500 artists with 5 paintings each one. Ramon participated with one. He has the prize of the Windsor and Newton Competition. He has a Guiness World Record because of wining the biggest art event in history only with one painting. He has special tributes from some recognized people such as: the Prince of Wales, Koffi Annan Secretary General of the United Nations. He has many critics all of them are good. the Prince of Wales sais that hes paintings are beautiful. Also ecologists sais he makes a better world because he transmit the rainforest conservation by his paintings. ¨Eternal Amazon¨ is a painting that shows the perfection of the rainforest. Balance: it´s perfect because Ramon says that the nature has a perfect equilibrium Replica: many people because of its beauty have done replicas of the original Depict: the painting depict the total beauty and perfection of the Amazon rainforest Aesthetic: the aesthetic of the painting is perfect for the origin of Ramon, the nature. Most of his paintings do not have name. This one represents also the beauty of the rainforest Line: he uses lines to delineate the trees Shape: he does not use geometrical shapes, he uses natural shapes. Texture: the texture is sometimes actual because of the materials he uses to paint and also implied because is really visual. Tools: the tools he uses are normaly naural plant colors. Color: he mixed the intensity of the rainforest with dark and light colors. Recall: the artist recalls his feeling of being conected with the nature to create this master pieces. Why i picked him? Because he is an Ecuadorian paintor that has put his name very high. Also because of his dedication and the way he tells the word that they should now contaminate. References: http://www.ramonpiaguaje.com/ http://www.eluniverso.com/2008/11/23/0217/928/C3802ADD35BA42F8AD0EC24CAC0E9880.html Ramón Piaguaje ¨El pintor de la selva¨. 1era edicion. Trama
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