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Amyah Boyd

No description

Amyah Boyd

on 20 March 2016

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Transcript of Amyah Boyd

Amyah Boyd
My Favorite Food
My favorite food is Pizza, Sticky rice, Popcorn,and MC donalds fries!
~ I have a mom, Maggie and she is a preschool teacher, she is 32
~ I have a dad, Levi and he commutes to Sioux City every day, because he is a banker at Wells Fargo, and he is 30
~ I have 2 brothers, Bennett is 4 and goes to daycare, and I have another brother Cameron and he is 7 and in second grade.
~ I also have two chickens that live at Ma Kleespies house and their names are Hawk, and Oreo.
Free Time
In my Free Time I like to....
-Face Time Halle and Jenna
-Competitive Swimming
-play with my brothers
-Social Medias
-Clash Of Clans

~ I love school but I really do not like Art, and Language Arts.
~ I am in band and I play the Alto Saxophone
~ My homeroom teacher is Mrs. Richardson
Places I Have Visited
~ California
~ Missouri

Music/ Artistis
~Taylor Swift
~Fifth Harmony

~ Lost Boy, Ruth B
~ Hello, Adele
~ Thirsty, Dayna
~ Back to Me, Dayna
~ Work From Home, Fifth Harmony

My Favorite Animals
~Turtle (1)
~Monkey (2)
~Polar Bear (3)
~Seal (4)
~Boxer (5)
Sports Teams
~ Our Family is BIG Notre Dame fans
~ We also are big Iowa Hawkeye fans
~I personaly like Notre Dame and Iowa football, and then I also really like Iowa State Basketball
I really enjoiy the

Dork Diares
series, and I also really like

~I am in....
~ Summer, and Winter Swimteam
~Volleyball (Want to be a setter or middle hitter, we don't have positions yet)
~Softball (Pitcher, Shortstop, and 3rd base)
~Basketball (Gaurd or Point gaurd)
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