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The Writing Process

Steps for a well organized piece of writing.

danielle tobias

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of The Writing Process

The Writing Process Why is it important to have a writing process? It is important to have a writing process to help you achieve an organized and well put together piece of writing. What are the three steps in the writing process? ONE: Invent TWO: Compose THREE: Revise What is meant by invention? Creating a game plan for your piece of writing. Brainstorm the ideas and the outline. What is meant by composing? Composing is doing the research, narrowing your topic down, developing the thesis, organizing the ideas, and writing the first draft. What are the three main parts of the outline? The three main parts of the outline are:

The Body
Conclusion What is meant by revising? Revising is reviewing your first draft, proofreading it, and then making your final copy. Define the term drafting. Drafting is a first or preliminary form of writing, subject to change/ revision. What are the four proofreading strategies? run spell & grammar checks read the paper aloud & backwards speak with your teacher visit your writing lab The four proofreading strategies are: 3 things that you should do just before you pass in the final copy for evaluation Get a friend to read it over (a fresh pair of eyes is always good). Double check for any last minute mistakes. Re-read it one last time. THE END!
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