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Copy of Narrative Therapy- Tree of Life Activity

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tara samiy

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Narrative Therapy- Tree of Life Activity

3. Storms of Life
4. Certificates and Songs
2. The Forest of Life
-Created by Ncazelo Ncube a child psychologist in Zimbabwe (with help from David Denborough at Dulwich Center in Adelaide)
-Exercise was used to work with children who lost a parent to HIV/AIDS
-Aim of project was to allow children to believe in their own abilities, acknowledge their dreams, and gain strength in themselves so they could talk about their difficult experiences in ways that are not re-traumatizing
-Participant thinks about and writes on tree where they come from (village, town, country)
-Family history (name, ancestry, extended family)
-Names of people who have taught them the most in their life, favorite place at home, things they hold dear to them
Narrative Therapy
-Participants invited to share/talk about some of their difficulties and challenges they may be experiencing
in life
-Think of hazards in life and acknowledge how these
hazards have affected them and they have been able
to respond so far
-Aim is to talk about difficulties in ways that are not re-traumatizing
-Unique bc it is collective experience that makes it
easier for people to talk freely about negative stories by creating a sense of distance between the experience
and the problem
-Focuses on ways they have responded in the past
and treats them as experts in their own life, not victims, offering a sense of hope
-All new learnings call for a celebration
-End the activity with presentation of certificates
Focus: skills/abilities, dreams/hopes ofr future, special people they appreciate in life
"Tree of Life" Activity
-Counseling method used to assist people who are affected by trauma (medical, family, etc)
-Process is used to calm those having been effected by trauma
-Based on the idea of using a tree a metaphor to tell stories about one's life
-Particapants are invited to think of a tree, its roots, trunk, branches, leaves, etc
1. Tree of Life
-Place for participants to write where they live now and activities they are engaged with in their daily life (school, job, parent)
-Participants write their skills and abilities (caring, loving, empathetic, writer, organized)
-Participants write their hopes, dreams, and wishes for the directions of their life in the future
-Represents significant people in their lives, who may be alive or passed on
-Gifts participants have been given, not necessarily material gifts (being cared for, loved, acts of kindness)
-Participants tape their tree on the wall to create a forest of beautiful trees
-Choose a couple trees that are different from their own and write words of encouragement, support, appreciation
-Give participants time to reflect and then share their experiences
-Similar to the use of outsider witnesses
Other Resources
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