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We Kill Them All

Sons of Anarchy

Liz Borse

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of We Kill Them All

This all comes to a point in Season 5 as Jax takes his place as president of SAMCRO. This is the final symbol and linkage to Jax falling back into the tribalistic ways of the world he has grown up in. Getting to know Sons SAMCRO stands for the
Sons of Anarchy Redwood Original Club Activities the Family and questionable morality running drugs 1st - Sons of Anarchy is relatable due to it's ability to satisfy our fetish for immorality without veiwerds actually having to participate in these acts. Welcome to Charming Sons of Anarchy follows the lives of the members of SAMCRO and family who reside in the fictional town of Charming, California. Why does Sons keep such a diverse number coming back to watch?? The Theory Mass Media and Atomization Atomization is the idea that people can only relate to one another as atoms do in a chemical compound. Mass Media Theory says that due to urbanization, traditional aspects of society have begun to break down and cause people to detach from one another. Fetishism "the religion of sensuous appetites" Karl Marx used fetishism to warn about the dangers of commodity and factory work in Capitalist societies. In this case we will take the idea of Fetishism and apply it to the fetish of any thing or object. The Prince of Anarchy Discovering the Anarchy If we believe that varying degrees of this have occurred society now, then it can be said our newest generations of people are growing up in this type of atomized environment. We Kill Them All Sons of Anarchy Sons of Anarchy's phenomenal following, provokes the question of what exactly makes the show so uniquely popular? Sons of Anarchy premiered on FX in the Fall of 2008. Created by Kurt Sutter, and is one of FX's most successful shows to date. pornography There is a new idea of the modern man that is forming in society, the Mass media, Atomization, and Fetishism theories help explain what this is and how Sons of Anarchy mirrors these events. Gregor Hegel believed that though individuality and purity of self are important, the need for social interaction is essential and a natural part of the human spirit. On Human Nature... Viewer Demographics Sense it's start in 2008 Sons of Anarchy has been the #1 program for its time slot with the delivery of Adults 18-49, Men 18-49, Women 18-34, making television history.

This includes African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and Caucasian veiwers The Clubhouse 2nd - on a deeper level Sons provides us with an on screen embodiment of the tribalism cycle society has been going through. WE KILL THEM ALL Society can become detached from more traditional social structures, such as: family, religious, community. Though fetishism serves as a coping mechanism, sooner or later there is a breaking point, which leads to the alienation. Teller-Morrow Alienation Fetishism This appears through Jax's obsession over his father's manuscript. According to Marx and the Frankfurt School, when Fetishism occurs, eventually an individual cannot glean the satisfaction it needs from the object of their fetish and they become detached from that object and become alienated. According to these theories, alienation means to be completely separated from everyone and everything the Contradiction = New-Tribalism
a society made up of only alienated individuals can be to succumbing to new aged tribal ism. on a large scale, this tribalism can be likened to anarchism. This new-tribalism can be likened to anarchism. Putting it Together Jackson 'Jax' Teller is an individual example of someone who has grown up in an atomized environment in it's most extreme form.
This starts with his rebellion through the entire first season. For Jax the breaking point comes in two parts as he learns of his mother's rape at the end of Season 2, and is forced to stay in the lifestyle he rejects And ends in Season 3 after his son Abel's kidnap and in Ireland finds out more (unfortunate) truths about his father Final, Final Conclusions illegal gun sales on a smaller scale, real life examples of this can be seen in the formation of gangs and other similar organizations New Generations Personified as members of a modern society, dealing with things like atomization and fetishism, many people from many different backgrounds are able to relate to the characters like Jax, who are in the show.
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