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Leadership Styles Presentation

A session on approaches to leadership for the Ralph Bunche Summer Institute at Wayne State University

Bill Warters

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of Leadership Styles Presentation

Leadership Styles
A Tale of Three
About Everyday Life, not Just Business
Dave - Senior Patrol Leader Training
The Summer Camp of Doom
Dan - Social Ecology Program
Charlie - S.C. Men Against Rape
Examples from You
A time when you got others to go along with an idea...
A time when...
you got others to help do something (such as solve a problem, complete a task, etc.)
A time when...
Are These Examples of Leadership?
Wisdom: Still True?
Styles of Leadership
Concepts developed by Kurt Lewin
Ralph Bunche Summer Institute: WSU Detroit
Presented by
Bill Warters, Ph.D

you encouraged or convinced another that he/she could achieve a goal (such as win a game, raise money, or pass a class)
Is there a difference between leading and managing?
"let them do"
What's Your Style?
Style Quiz
Situational Leadership
stays flexible - chooses best style for the situation at hand
Lots of Research on Leadership Styles!
Leadership Polarities
Inspiring <-----------> Energizing

Focusing <-----------> Grounding

Challenging <-----------> Supporting
from Barefoot Guide to Organizing www.barefootguide.org
Core Qualities Model (a personal one)
developed by Daniel Ofman. What is your allergy?
Best Summer Camp Ever!
A Great Leader. Are you next?
Director, Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution,
Wayne State University
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