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Modern Epic Hero

No description

on 24 August 2018

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Transcript of Modern Epic Hero

Modern Epic Hero Presentation Project + Example
Shrek : A Modern Epic Hero?
Shrek, a green ogre who loves the solitude in his swamp, finds his life interrupted when many fairytale characters are exiled there by order of the fairytale-hating Lord Farquaad. With the help of various fairy-tale creatures, including a talking donkey, Shrek attempts to earn back his home, and in the process wins something much more.
Shrek shows all the 12 steps of an epic hero, despite his deceivingly unusual exterior.
Ordinary World vs. Special World
Status Quo
Call to Adventure
The main assistance that Shrek receives is from an unlikely source - a small grey donkey named Donkey. Donkey helps Shrek in several ways:
guiding him to Duloc
helping him win the tournament
traveling with him to the Dragon's Keep to free Fiona
acting as his "faithful steed" to Shrek's "brave knight"
going between Shrek and Fiona as they struggle with growing feelings between them
swooping in on his dragon lady to help save the day
Some of the trails that Shrek faces are:
winning the tournament
facing the dragon
escorting Fiona back to Lord Farquaad even though he has started to fall for her
fighting off Robin Hood and his Merry Men
going back to try and win back Fiona
Project Overview
Must create a presentation (can be Prezi, Powerpoint, or Google Slides presentation)
Inform your audience as to how your chosen modern character from a book, film, television, graphic novel, comic book or video game follows the 12 traits of an epic hero journey that we have been discussing in class
You are trying to prove to me that your chosen character deserves to be considered an epic hero!
Must have minimum of 15 slides – an introductory slide, a slide discussing the ordinary/special worlds, one slide for each of the 12 traits, and a concluding statement slide
Each slide must have a relating image or video clip

Individual Slide Requirements
Each slide/page should contain at least one appropriate image or video clip that directly relates to what is being discussed on the slide
Introductory slide
background information on your character
Must contain a thesis statement
Ordinary World/Special World Slide
explain the character's specific Ordinary and Special Worlds
12 Steps Slides
Connection to the thesis statement
Explain one of the 12 traits you are trying to prove (in the correct order)
only one trait per slide!
includes support for the trait you are discussing
Concluding Statement Slide
review the thesis statement
finish up with why this epic hero topic important to the real world

Appearance Requirements
Must have a clear heading for each slide
must be free or mostly free of typos and mistakes
each slide must have at least one graphic or video clip

Shrek's crisis moment is slightly different from many hero stories. His crisis is not a crisis on his life, but more on his vulnerability and sense of self. He risks himself and his heart in telling Fiona how he really feels after always keeping himself blocked off emotionally from anyone that might hurt him.
New Life
... but unlike his old life in the swamp, Shrek gets to return home with people who love him, like Fiona and Donkey.
Status Quo (revisited)
Unlike his old lonely life in the swamp, Shrek no longer has to convince himself that he prefers to live alone. He has people in his life who love him for himself, like Fiona, Donkey, and other various fairytale creatures and his able to live happily in his swamp once again.
Ordinary World - Shrek's ordinary world is the swamp he calls home.

Special World - Shrek's special world is the world beyond his swampy home. This includes Farquaad's castle and the Dragon's Keep.
Shrek's status quo is his life in the swamp. This includes:
taking mud baths
hunting for slugs to eat
making signs to keep humans out of his swamp

We learn that Shrek perfers to be alone in his swamp and that he has no family or friends.
Shrek's main call to adventure moment is when all of the fairy tale creatures are dumped on his swamp by Lord Farquaad. He is forced into action by leaving his swamp to go see Farquaad in order to get the other fairytale creatures off his property.
Shrek's departure moment is when he leaves his swamp in order to go see Lord Farquaad about getting the other fairytale creatures out of his home and off his property.

Shrek's approach to his greatest challenge is choosing to face his greatest fear... having feelings for another person and possibly facing rejection from that person.
This happens when he chooses to go after Fiona at her wedding.
Shrek's treasure that he earns due to the crisis moment is the love of a woman that loves him back for who he truly is.
The result of Shrek surviving his crisis moment and earning his treasure is that it is possible for him to be finally happy and leading a more tradition life.
This story resolves with a wedding!
Concluding Statements
Shrek does indeed show all the 12 steps of an epic hero, despite his rude, unattractive, and uncouth exterior.
Shrek’s dedication to his quest continues to teach the lesson that as long as people try, it doesn't matter how many times they fail.
He also shows that no matter how “new” a character may seem, the epic hero journey that they undertake is as relevant and relatable now as it was in the past.
Shrek's return is that he is able to return home to his swamp after traveling extensively throughtout the lands beyond his ordinary world.
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