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The Life of a Teacher

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Charlotte Grainger

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of The Life of a Teacher

The Life of a Teacher

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The Working Environment
-Full time elementary teachers in Canada
spend most of their time inside of a school
or on school property
-Depending on the city or town, the size
of the school building, staff, and student
body will differ
-For example, Ryerson Public School....
-size of school building: aprox. 30000
square feet
-student body average: 480 students
per year
-staff member average: 24

Important and Required Skills-Part A
All effective and influencial teachers should have and display the following skills...

I hope that my presentation has interested some of you in a teaching career, and i would be more then happy to share all of my new found information with anyone that wants to know more.
By: Charlotte Grainger
The Role of an Elementary School Teacher
-Creating lesson plans for your students while following the board approved curriculum
-Teaching and instructing students with clarity
-Providing assessments, evaluations and report cards
-Attending in school meetings with the staff, parent teacher interviews, professional development days, conferences and workshops
-Supervision and classroom control

-Summers off
-Retirement packages and pensions
-Health insurance (medical, dental, vision)
-Paid Maternity leave/Parental leave
-Payed sick days

Standard Income Range
Depending on ones level of education, the
standard income for a Canadian teacher can
range from $35000 to $75000 a year.
My Skills and Goals-Part b
My skills:
My goals:
Challenges and Rewards
-Dealing with problem
-Trying to keep all
students having fun
while learning and
following ciriculum
-Time management
-Having the ability to
shape young minds
-Learning from your
-Having the chance
to work with children
Why Do I Want Teaching
In My Life?
-Working with children
-Apply my knowledge and ideas
-Help to sculpt young minds
-Make a difference and an impact
Big Bad Barriers
-Larger class sizes can make it more challenging to deal with all the students / giving the students the attention they need
-The created bonds between student and teacher may be hard to let go of at the end of each school year
-Getting used to being a part of a Union
-Dealing with uninterested students and parents
-2/3 of new teachers can not obtain a permanent teaching position within two years of graduating from teachers college
-The unemployment rate of new Ontario teachers in 2012 was 24% and is predicted to rise

Post-Secondary Education
-University of Western Ontario
-Brock University
-Queens University
Compare and Contrast:
Teaching Programs
-Full Time
-In class and in school field learning
-Elective programs, specialized courses and core courses
-Runs from Sept. to mid May
-Includes careers search support
-At the end of the year a two week "Transition to professional practice" is included in the course
-Includes a practicum consisting of two blocks of student teaching
-Full time and part
-Elective programs and
core courses
-In class and in school field
-Runs from late August to
late May

Queens University
-Full Time
-In class and in school field
-Runs from Sept. to mid May
-Elective programs and core
-Specialized courses

University of Western Ontario
-Close to home
-Familiar surroundings
-Highly recommended
-Includes career search support
-Scholarship opportunities

What I'll Need and What I'll Need to Know
The length of teachers college is a total of one year
-Must have completed high school and four years of college or university prior to entering teachers college
-Must be a registered member of the Ontario College of Teachers (OTC)
-Must have a certificate of qualification and registration
-Tuition is $8398.71 for the year
-The average spent per year on books/school supplies is $1000
-Living costs range from $4500-$6000 per year
Requirements for a Certificate of Completion:
-Must pass all exams and individual classes
-Must complete a practicum during your schooling
Additional Training:
-Additional continuing education programs are available
-Additional qualifications (AQ) and additional basic qualifications (ABQ)
-This additional training can lead to promotions such as a wider range of grades that one can teach, and eventually moving up into becoming vice principle, principle, or some form of superintendent

Job Availability
Is there a demand for this career? :
-Unfortunately no..
-60% of students who have just graduated from a Canadian teachers college cannot secure a permanent teaching position for up to 2 years after graduation
-This is due to the fact that teachers are staying in their teaching positions for longer then they had previously
-With fewer teachers retiring, there are fewer teaching positions available
-In the last five years in Ontario, 4500 teachers retire annually
-In the last five years in Ontario, 12000 students become qualified teachers annually
-This leaves an extremely competitive job market
-As well as, the slowing enrollment is leading to school closures across the province, limiting job opportunities even more
-Fortunately for me, there are more female teachers hired than male teachers
-43% of teachers are males
-57% of teachers are females

The Prime Locations
-The best place to find a teaching job in Canada right now is Toronto
-The city of Toronto hires more teachers annually than any other city in Canada

This graph below represents the percentage change in the number of educators (full-time) between 2001 and 2008, Canada, provinces and territories

Possible Career Advancements
Like I mentioned earlier, there are multiple possibilities teachers to have career advancements...

There are different advancement opportunities that result in different outcomes E.g. increased salary, gain more authority, and increased benefits

-To advance in the educational field, teachers can apply for administrative jobs
-Coaching a team can give teachers higher levels of respect, authority and in some cases, salary
-College and University level teachers can be offered a tenure. Tenures allow teachers to teach in their own style without risk of being fired
-Teachers that show strong leadership and whom excel in their area of study can often become department heads. Department heads have opportunities to earn more money.
-Teachers that earn a masters degree in educational administration have the chance to become a school administrator. This could mean becoming a principal, vice principal, athletic director or a guidance counselor. School administrators earn more than classroom teachers, on average principles earn $86,970 per year.
-Elementary, middle and high school teachers can always advance in their career by teaching at a higher level. This can be done by becoming a University or College professor. To become a college professor, teachers have to hold a masters degree in their chosen field. Some Universities and colleges even require their professors to have doctorates.

As you can see, there are many advancement opportunities for teachers, no matter what position they hold.

Still Interested?
Although it seems that there are many challenges that come along with finding a teaching job and maintaining that job, i believe that the career has more positives than negatives. As well as, the negative factors of a teaching career seem to be things that can be overcome and concurred with hard work and perseverance.
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