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how data stored electronically is easier to misuse than data

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opinder virdi

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of how data stored electronically is easier to misuse than data

how data stored electronically is easier to misuse than data stored on paper
data stored electronically can be easy to misuse as it comes in many different forms. So it is very important to stay cautious about data stored online and electronically.
data on paper
there are many types of viruses like malware and Trojan which can be installed through games and website links, which can corrupt data on your electronic systems like your PC for instant. So it is very important to keep your anti-virus running every 1 hour or so just in case a virus attacks!
third party websites
okay...now i bet some of you who are reading this right now may have experienced a crazy experience on receiving lots of junk mail and mail from random websites. Well guess what its nearly all your fault! remember that time you agreed to letting the website like G mods online saying "would you like your information to be given to third parties websites, but you weren't paying attention as you were not bothered to read it, so you ticked it. This stupid mistake can lead third party companies to selling your information to other companies, then other companies...then on and on and on. This just proves that your data is not being handled safely. Always be cautious about your data do not ever be irresponsible, always keep your self safe from such things, never leave your data laying around on sites without reading the terms and conditions.
data on paper cannot be misused if you handle it carefully. Data on paper can be shredded, or burnt; data shredded is more eco-friendly than burning paper and making co2
is your data safe ? do you have anti-viruses to protect your data from getting hacked or destroyed with a virus? if not get one now!
so stay safe!
remember to stay safe and keep your eyes open when using sites or downloading games from sites, we cant shread anything that goes out , we can only shread peices of paper
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