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shelby lecot

on 15 May 2010

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Transcript of health

Proper rest Today I will be talking about proper rest and the benefits of it. Also I will discuss the effects of improper rest and how to improve your sleep First I will be talking about proper
rest and the amount of hours people
need for a proper nights sleep Children Two to Three need14
hours of sleep per night and
children from three to six need
10 to 12 hours of sleep per night Children ages 7-12 need 10 hours
of sleep per night and teenagers ages
12-18 will need 8-9 every night to a have
a proper sleep Adults need 7-8 hours
of sleep per night The benefits of getting a proper rest are
better focus , thinking clearer ,strengthing
your immune system,less moody and
more energy through out the day
When you sleep your hormones
are released and in children it causes
growth Now I would like to discuss the
negitive effects of improper rest Here are some ideas to help some one have a
calm and relxing sleep 1.have a set bedtime and wake up time all through the week
2.Have a light and calm coloured room like blue,white,purple and orange
3.have some light music on
4.DON't eat right before you go to sleep
5.NO caffiene or sugary foods in the afternoon or night
6.get alot of fresh air
7.Take a warm bath before going to sleep
8.eat healthy When you have ADHD or any other mentle disorder it in't as easy to fall asleep and get your proper amount of sleep
so I am going to talk about children adhd and how they can improve there sleep It takes a average human to fall asleep about a hour but when you have ADHD it may take 3 hours or maybe more to fall sleep. I know for a fact what it is like
to fall asleep with ADHD
It's very difficult and is even more challening
when you have a project, test or other activitys that need effort.
all your problems come raceing through your head like a ping pong and it causes you to stay awake.
Even when you do fall asleep its not that
easy to stay that way because once you wake up
it hard to go back to sleep There are medication that help you
calm down and relax but it does'nt
always improve the speed and you often
have to change the medication because
it only works for a certin amount of time. Finally I will discuss what are the
problems that may occur if you dont
have the proper amount of sleep. There are many problems
when you dont have the
proper amount of sleep includeing
Obesity,Diabetes,Cardiovasculor Diease
and diffrent infections. When you dont have the proper amount of
sleep your body does'nt have time to repair
itself,with out sleep your body would'nt be able to
fight stress, and infections.
Your body also would'nt be able to recieve insulin.
Not having enough sleep can
cause high blood pressure and Diabetes
which is very serious Thank you for watching
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