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Marmot & The Female Shopper

No description

Dan Mann

on 1 January 2015

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Transcript of Marmot & The Female Shopper

Male vs Female Shopper
Multi-Tasking ?
The Marmot Product and your female shopper
4 Points
1- Missing component in sales
2- Obstacles to overcome
3- Male vs Female Shopper
4- The Marmot Product &
the Female Shopper

Marmot & the Female Shopper

35+ business studies:
Listening = Business Success
25% comprehension rate
Listen @ a
of what we know is learned through listening
2% >
professionals have learned through education how to improve their listening skills and techniques
We talk at a rate of 125 - 175 w/min
We think at a rate of 1000 - 3000 w/min
How our brain works
3 channels of communication
2 ~ Our vocal characterizations in explaining the content
3 ~ Our body language
Sorry....what was your name again?
Ergo: We are bad listeners!
Multi Tasking Facts:
Employees who use a computer are distracted
once every 10.5 minutes
Trying to focus on more than one thing causes a 40% drop in productivity.....twice the effect of:
We stink at multi-tasking
Distractions Happen.....
1- Retailers want someone to
2- It's
hard to be good at listening
3- Distractions and multitasking opportunities are
Demonstration time
Are your competitors great listeners and multi-taskers?
~Your choice~

Be a partner who wants to listen to your
just another rep
who wants something!
3 common mistakes in listening
Women are from
Men are from
The Male Shopper
1- Shopping is a mission
2-Solution based.... practical, logical
3- Difficulty finding a parking
spot close to the store
The Female Shopper
Women are social based (emotional) shoppers
Women in general prefer more details before making a purchase
Women tend to meander while shopping
Women will spend more than 8 years of their lives shopping
On average women will spend 400 hours/year on 300+ shopping trips a year
#1 complaint: "Lack of help when needed"
Women buy over
of all goods and services and spend
rillion doing it every year!
Specialty cycling, running and outdoor accounted for
$3.5 billion
How do you and your retail partners
create a connection with women?
Open/Organized/Visual Excitement
Dressing Room: My own, Room attendant
Outdoor Industry
Women feel:
Out of place
Under prepared
Dressing room looks like a .................
No attendant, no help, no sale
As a partner and expert, you can educate your retail accounts. Are your competitors doing this?
What a woman cares about?
Connection with products needs to be emotional....not logical
Whats in it for me?
The Content of our communication
Thank You!
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