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Creative Brief BNP

No description

Raphaël Pincas

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Creative Brief BNP

Project 1 Project 2 The Creative Brief Groupe 4 Strategic Angle Sketches The bank that understands young people concerns and helps them to boost their carrier as well as their projects in life. Context The economic context has made new challenges of young people even more difficult (finding a job, a place to live, etc.)

They need financial support and advices.
But they don’t directly go and talk to the banks.

Young people don’t connect well with the banking sector. Dificulty to understand the bankers. Too boring. A little complicated Consumer insight Show them that BNP is the coolest financial partner because
they understand young people better than others and consider them as mature and independent people Solution With BNP, finding solutions is easy

.... a successful campaign !

... still 47 000 fans on the facebook page !
BNP should keep taking profit of this younger audience By keeping a good sense of humor and making problems less alarming, BNP will be able to convince better the young audience and other good concepts ... CREATIVE EXECUTION ...the end of flatsharing Relaunch of a webserie ! ... and the beginning of new stories ! becomes... EX What else is new ? A facebook vote ! Vote for your character here ! Which one do you want to follow ? Mes Ex-COLOCS are back !

Engagement Choices are made ! Follow them independently Older characters
Different challenges
Independent stories
Same humor Intern Trip abroad Couple life Ex Entertainment Mentoring & Advices Integrated new campaign ... ... based on Les Colocs' model Dr. JOB Offre globle student
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