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Favorite Book Project: Who Am I Without Him? (short stories about girls & the guys in their lives)

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yomynameis jadadiana

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of Favorite Book Project: Who Am I Without Him? (short stories about girls & the guys in their lives)

Who Am I Without Him? Short stories about girls and the guys in their lives. By: Sharon G. Flakes Reading Range: 5.6
Ar quiz The setting is in many different places, Including:
Their house
basketball court Every chapter has a different girl or boy with something serious going on in their life. Some of those highlights are:
When Erin and his friend tried to impress a girl by stealing clothes to wear to take her to prom.
When Melody, a girl trying to deal with her bestfriend and her best friend's boyfriend, sends a letter to her school newspaper to get it to a girl who says she is the one "with all the answers", but finds out who it really is.
Asia Collaway has moved from school to school because people always have made fun of her. At her new school they call her "The Ugly One". She has dealt with it all her school life.She has to find a way to cope with it. Main Characters:
Erika: a smart middle schooler who deals with racism throughout her school. Dre: doesn't respect girls anymore than his friends. But he changes his opinions when he gets partnered up with a girl that he has mocked for the whole year. He makes the honor roll but he gets distracted when there is a new class for relationships.Dre is spoiled and doesn't know what to do when he doesn't get what he wants. Theme: The message the author is trying to send you is that you are not the only one going through the typical high school and middle school problems. The main character's problems may even be bigger than the one you've been in,are in, or feel like it's about to happen. They tell you how they feel, in a boy's and a girl's point of veiw. The author, Sharon G. Flake wants to make you feel like you have a part in this world and your opinions matter. Satina: Satina is a very brave girl, but her father is a preacher and won't let any of the girls at the church do anything fun. So Satina does whatever it takes to do fun things. She's a beautiful girl but is selfish and insecure.
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