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Leaving My Legacy

The leadership legacy of Ashley Barnas

Ashley Barnas

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Leaving My Legacy

The Legacies of Elon's Leaders “The Legacies of Elon’s Leaders” is a coffee table book created by members of the Society of Professional Journalists, which features leaders who have had an impact on our education, life and future. The leaders featured in the book are those people who we feel have left a legacy at Elon and who exemplify the characteristics of leadership whether or not they recognize themselves as leaders. Our journey in selecting and learning more about these leaders has proven that we can all be leaders – it’s what we do with what has been given to us that makes all the difference. For the Common Good A way to give back Sharing the stories of those who have made an impact SPJ's foundation in solid journalism and story telling 18 SPJ members honoring 40 leaders For the archives, leadership office and beyond Goals and Expectations Come up with something meaningful to myself and others
Incorporate the talents and passion of others
Draw attention to SPJ
Create a professional showcase piece for SPJ, its members and the university
Delegate well My legacy is born This project came to me as I was driving to school to begin my senior year. I was really struggling with coming up with something meaningful for my legacy project and my mom had a stroke of genius.

She knows how much the faculty and staff at Elon mean to me and how much they have impacted my life these past four years, and I knew that this would be the perfect way for me to recognize them for all they have done for me.

As I started developing the idea, I had my own list of leaders in mind, but soon realized that my list may not be the same as the lists of others. Not only that, but I wanted this project to be about so much more than myself. Challenges and Changes So many leaders to include, so little time
Difficult scheduling appointments
No grades hanging over our heads
Working with friends can be difficult
Need future editions A few of our leaders Nancy Midgette Anthony Hatcher One look at Anthony Hatcher’s desk and a casual observer can immediately tell that a leader spends his time here. ....A pen holder sits against the windowsill, emblazoned with a quote from Christopher Morley: “There is only one success, to live your life in your own way.” And hanging on the wall, a more whimsical prompt – “No Whining.”
By Camille DeMere The mentality Nancy Midgette has about trying new things is one that was instilled in her at a young age, when her parents would tell her she wouldn’t know about a certain thing until she tried it. Sometimes this dealt with the broccoli sitting on her plate, but other times it pertained to larger, life-altering issues.

By Andie Diemer Jo Williams “Leaders must welcome the challenges that come with change. Without change, stagnation often occurs. Leaders cannot be threatened by change but embrace it.” Jim Brown Mallory Anderson “When I think about all of the things I have done or worked toward, I think it would be a legacy of strengthening the intentionality behind why we do what we do.” My Journey through the Program Emerging Leaders: Self
Phase II: Collaboration
Phase III: Change
Phase IV: Common Good Self Reputation to continue
Niche in campus organizations
The Pendulum
Society of Professional Journalists
Catholic Campus Ministry
Elon 101 & Angie Passarelli
Lateral entry: Thread for my quilt Collaboration News editor
Leader and follower Change Moving The Pendulum online
Getting everyone on board
Strengthening the staff
Spreading excitement Common Good Leaving my legacy
Making everything meaningful
Leading leaders, empowering others
Spring Break service trip
Capstone dinners Philosophy of Leadership Leadership is helping others, showing compassion, creating, including, inspiring, enabling and encouraging. Of all the lessons this book and its leaders has taught me, I will always take with me the differing definitions of leadership that come down to one thing: having an impact on someone else’s life. Some leaders don’t even recognize that they are leaders or that they have had an impact on the lives of others. The best leader sits back and observes, takes compliments humbly, and recognizes the strengths of others and empowers them to be leaders in their own right.
Some leaders are household names while others have impacted a much smaller group of people. Some we only know through the news or e-mail. Many we know through the classroom and our jobs. Others give up their time after classes to advise us in extracurricular activities. And a handful is those whom we pass only on occasion but the impression they leave will last a lifetime. I will carry forward my love of helping others and I strive to continue telling their stories.
Group Dynamics and Leadership Getting to know my fellow Fellows
Semester-long service project Psychology of Leadership Personal Leadership Development Portfolio
NEO Personality Inventory
Extraversion: positive emotions and warmth
Openness: fantasy, aesthetics and feelings
Neuroticism & Conscientiousness Myers-Briggs: ESFJ Extraverted - 8
Sensing - 5
Feeling - 5
Judging - 6 Warmhearted, conscientious, and cooperative.
Want harmony in their environment, work with determination to establish it.
Like to work with others to complete tasks accurately and on time.
Loyal, follow through even in small matters.
Notice what others need in their day-to-day lives and try to provide it.
Want to be appreciated for who they are and for what they contribute. Disarming Injustice 16th Street Baptist Church
Birmingham, Alabama Edmund Pettus Bridge,
Selma, Alabama Home of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Montgomery, Alabama Ebenezer Baptist Church,
Atlanta, Georgia TAIS Test Online Editor-in-Chief
Staff with a new leader
Challenge to get everyone on board
Struggling with small setbacks
Confrontation style
Concerned with the feelings, needs of others About 20 wide-eyed freshmen stare nervously at Jim Brown during the first few days of his global experience class. Here’s a secret to those students – he’s nervous too.

By Pam Richter “Both tears and sweat are salty, but they render a different result. Tears will get you sympathy, sweat will get you change.”
– Jesse Jackson “As important as committee work is, leadership is more interaction with students in terms of good teaching, not, ‘Am I doing a good job on a committee?’” “At some point in time we’ll all be called upon to step up to the plate, whether it’s a short or long span of time, big or small event. And everybody has to be ready to do that when they’re called upon and when they (recognize) they have the skills that are needed in that situation." During the last 45 years, Elon University has gone through many changes. Jo Williams, Special Assistant to the President, has been one of the constant pillars at Elon for almost half a century. She has served under the last four presidents — Dr. Leon E. Smith, Dr. J. Earl Danieley, Dr. J. Fred Yong and Dr. Leo Lambert.

By Rebecca Smith Ayesha Delpish
Barbara Gordon
Barry Bradberry
Colin Donohue
Connie Book
Dan Anderson
David Copeland
Earl Danieley
Earl Honeycutt
Edie Alexander
George Troxler
Gerry Francis
Gerry Waterman
Hunter Bacot
Janna Anderson
Jay Harper
Jean Schwind
Jeffrey Coker
Jim Brown
Jim Donathan Jo Williams
Katie Nash
Mallory Anderson
Mary Alice Bragg
Megan McCollum
Michael Williams
Nancy Midgette
Phil Smith
Rex Waters Richard McBride
Ross Wade
Smith Jackson
Susan Klopman
Tim Peeples
Tom Arcaro
Tom Nelson
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