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Dankers Furniture

No description

Fiona Connell

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Dankers Furniture

Main issues raised
Analysis of the effectiveness of the approach adopted
Craft furniture manufacturer established in the mid 1800s located in Co.Meath
Known for producing high class custom made furniture
Under the management of Rolf Danker the main focus was on introducing new products specifically into the ready made home furniture market
Dankers Furniture Ltd
Description of the approach management adopted to address the issues
Sales & Operations Planning
Dankers Furniture Ltd
-Change in management approach.

-Improved inventory management.

-More accurate forecasting.

Conclusion & Recommendations

Niall Connell - Overview & main issues raised
Weilong Chen - The approach management adopted
Daniel Connolly - Analysis of the approach adopted
Sean Casey - Recommendations
Fiona Connell
Xuezhen Zhang
Guanye Chen
Denis Collins
Poor forecasting resulting from a "seat-of-the-pants" management approach

Capacity issues & Inventory management

Demand Management
1. Use the value of sales as measure of production volume
Group members:
Forecasting Sales Revenues
Expected Costs & Profit
2. Consider new key factors in marketplace
 Demand from the home improvement market
 Demand from house builders
For an average kitchen set,
Selling Price: €2,800
Labor Costs : 20*€15= €300
Materials: €1,600
Total Costs: €1,900
Profit: €900
Number of kitchen sets in 2011: 7,470,000/ 28,00 = 2,668
Total Expected Costs: 2,668*€1,900= 5,068,928
Total Expected Profit: 2,668*€900= 2,401,071
1.More accurate forecasting
Use a better method of measurement
Collect sufficient quantitative data
3.More reasonable planning
Consider the qualitative factors (different market demand)
2. More stable estimated capacity level
Any Questions??
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