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English - A World Language

Legacy of an Empire

Inger Martine Mosfjeld

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of English - A World Language

The British Empire
Inger Martine
Engelsk, Vg1
Pidgin & Creole
Think about this...
A World Language
There are 7000 languages in the world.
English is spoken in every corner of the world.
You are one out of 1,5 billion English learners in the world.
Why English?
"The sun never sets on the British Empire"
Attitudes towards non-standard varieties:
Standard English?
History of the English language
The Legacy of an Empire
Varieties of English
Merchants, opportunists and explorers wanted to bring back raw materials and treasure
Queen Victoria
rules 1/4 of the world's population and 1/4 of its land mass
Think about this...

Lingua Franca:
a language used as a means of communication between people whose native languages are different.
=regional "dialects"
English developed further under the influence of regional languages
British isles: Germanic, Welsh, Celtic
USA: Settled by people from different parts of UK (dialects w/rhotic r like Scottish) and Europe
Jamaica and Africa: African languages
Australia and New Zealand: London
India: Indian language
Traded:slaves, gold, tea, coffee, ivory, cotton, spices, sugar
A language which is a mixture of two languages and used when people who speak different languages communicate with each other.
E.g. Pidgin English
A pidgin that has developed further and become the main language of a region and thus has native speakers.
E.g. Jamaican Creole
"I bring you greetings from Her Majesty the Queen of Papua New Guinea and from all
my family members during this celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen. Was
my Tokpisin correct?”
"Broken English"?
Are there more "correct" varieties?
Do all varieties have the same status or value?
Who defines the "standard"?
Can we compare English varieties to Norwegian dialects?
Can all varieties serve the same function?
Do the non-standard varieties influence the standard?
super-power spreading English as a global language.
dominant language due to the number of speakers;
British Empire
English is the language of
science and technology
Norwegian variant of English: Norwegian intonation and words?
E.g. "The Julekalender"
Norwegian English = Standard English?
Why English is a global language
E.g. business,higher education and studying abroad
Local varieties are influenced by local culture and languages
For some reason the villains in Hollywood movies, and even Disney movies, have an RP-accent, what is your perception of British accents?
Pay attention to the difference between the rhotic and non-rhotic varieties and the vowels.
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