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Carmen Mollà

on 15 March 2015

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Transcript of THE BEATLES

paul mccartney
I was born the 18th of June in 1942 in Liverpool.
My father was a big influence for me, because he was a musician.
I composed my first song when I was 14 years old.
I met George Harrison in the bus while we were going to the Liverpool high school.
In the Beatles I started to play the guitar, but finaly I played the electric bass

george harrison
I was born in the 25th of February of 1943 in Liverpool. When I was 15 years old, I met Paul McCartney and John Lennon.
I was the first person who introduces indian instrumentation in occidental music.

In the Beatles I played first guitar.
John lennon
I was born the 9th of October in 1940 in Liverpool.
Outside of my musical life I was pacifist political activist, artist, actor and writer.
I met Paul McCartney in a party when he was 15 years old.
My mother die when I was 17 years old because she crash with a police car, because they were drunk.
In the Beatles I sang and played the 2nd guitar.
ringo starr
My name's Richard Starkey Jr, but everybody knows me by the name "Ringo Starr".
I was born in 7th of July of 1940 in Liverpool.
When I was young I had many problems with diseases and always I was in the hospital.
When I left the school, I didn't know read and write good.
In the Beatles I was the drummer.
john lennon
McCartney and me had fights and I never had relationships with him again.
Then I started a solo career. I made 6 albums.
I sang with my second wife, Yoko Ono, and we made other 5 albums. Later we took different ways, but after few time we met again and we decided to keep together.
I died the 8th of September in 1980 because one fan shot me.

Paul mccartney
After the separation I did more music, and I created a new band, Wings.
After John's die I was very shocked,and frightened and I stopped some tours.
I talked to Yoko the day after he was killed, the first thing she said was: "John apreciated you a lot."
I left Wings, and I do one classic music for the Philharmonic Orchestra of liverpool.
Now I'm doing music.

Before the Beatles' break-up I had already recorded and released two solo albums, Wonderwall music and Electronic Sound. The first album is the soundtrack of the 1968 film
, which blends indian and western instrumentation.
I died in 2001 because of a lung cancer.
I was selected 5 of the best drummers of the history.
I was the only Beatle who composed with all of the members of the Beatles in solitary.
I left a few time the music world and I enter in the cinema's world.
I created a furniture's company and three years later I came back in my music career.
after separation, 1970
John Lennon was influenced by Elvis Presley and he created a band with his classmates. When he met Paul McCartney he invited him to his band. And Paul McCartney went to the band with his friend George Harrison. After 2 years John's classmates left the band. A Lennon's friend, Stuart Sutcliffe, entered in the band and suggest "The beetles" to the name of the band, and later the name developed to "the Beatles".
But they needed a drummer, so while they were in a tour they met a drummer, Ringo Starr. Years later he went to the band.
Stuart Sutcliffe left the band, and Paul changed and started playing the electric bass.
From his trip to United States was when they get a lot of popularity to get to know internationally. And they changed the foundations of American popular music.
After USA in June in 1964 they did a tour around the world. They did thirty-two concerts in nineteen days. They swept the stage.
In the same year, they made a film and cartoon series. Years later they made more films and they did soundtracks for other films too.
The 15th of august in 1966 they met Elvis Presley in a tour in USA.
In June of 1966 went on sale their new album and it caused great impact because they get dressed of butchers and they were surrounded by meat and mutilated dolls in their album cover .
This years began to emerge problems but even so they went on sale 2 more albums. It was their last year because one of the most problem was their organization and collaboration, john Lennon starting making records and albums alone and they lost their manager then Mccarney and Lennon had an argument and it was the final of The Beatles.

Why we chose The Beatles?
We think that the Beatles were, are and will be the best pop band in history.

They influenced a lot of people around the world, and 45 years later they're staying in our minds, and a lot of people like us, still listen to their music.

Before we done the project, we want discover:
Some curiosities about the Beatles
How was created the Beatles band?
And why did they broke?


An evolution Desenvolupat.
Proposar, suggerir.
People who stay with you in class.Companys de classe.
You are ill because of them.
First Guitar:
The principal guitar.
Second Guitar:
The secundary guitar.
The foundations:
Les bases.
Mix. Mesclar.
Organ next the heart. Pulmó.
The past of shoot(disparar).


Please Please Me
With The Beatles
A Hard Day's Night
Beatles for Sale
Rubber Soul
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Magical Mystery Tour
The Beatles
Yellow Submarine
Abbey Road
Let It Be

Few time:
Poc temps.
Carrera Universitària.
It's the place where the artists sing and play their instruments.
Sweep the stage:
Arassar l'escenari.
Banda sonora.
Went on sale
:Past of
go on sale
(eixir a la venta).
Album cover
:Portada d'un àlbum.
Estar envoltat.
We like a lot this work, because all of us love the Beatles. We finally discover why they separate, and now we know a lot of curiosities, like The Beatles in 1965 took drugs and they had to return a title of Members Of The Order Of The British Empire that the queen of british gave them.

This work has done that we love more the Beatles, because we know more of them, and we understand better they songs, and their musical work.

Now we admire a lot all of the Beatles components.


Love Me Do / P.S. I Love You
Please Please Me / Ask Me Why
From Me To You / Thank You Girl
Dg. You Want To Know A Secret? / Thank You Girl
She Loves You / I'll Get You
I Want To Hold Your Hand
/ This Boy
Can't Buy Me Love / You Can't Do That
A Hard Day's Night / Things We Said Today
I Feel Fine / She's A Woman
Tiquet To Ride / Yes It Is
Help! / I'm Down

Day Tripper / We Can Work It Out
Paperback Writer / Rain
Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby

Penic Lane / Strawberry Fields Forever
All You Need Is Love / Baby You ' re A Rich Man
Hello Goodbye / I Am The Walrus
Lady Madonna / The Inner Light
Hey Jude
/ Revolution
Get Back / Don't Let Me Down
The Something / Come Together
Let It Be
/ You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)
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