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behind dubai

No description

zainab e.

on 20 June 2010

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Transcript of behind dubai

Behind Dubai's Past Present And Future The Changes The rules Dubai is one of the Seven Emirates of the UAE. Emirate:- comes from the Arabic word "Emir" which means commander. Every emirate is ruled by a commander. Language: Arabic Religion: Islam B igg est mIS concep TIONS aBOUT dUB Ai All Emiratis are spoilt, rich and privileged Dont take work seriously, thus are not hard working! Emirati women are scary, difficult to converse with or to approach, ooooh! Government provides everything for free. Money is easy to get, every Emirati has it. Its a desert, where is Dubai? Dubai is ruled by Al Maktoum dynasty since 1833 A population of 1.6 million Close minded It isn't TRUE "There are so many misconseptions about the role of women in the UAE where as in fact, we are at the forefront of both government and private sectors, and their prominent role in the society is seen as a normal almost expected developmental process and not as an exceptional event." Reem Al- Hashemi and everything in between The social SCENE... Definition:- Emirati men and women are defined as different sectors in society as what is allowed for men is most of times not allowed for women. Things required from men towards women:- Respect.
No close interactions from strange men.
No intimate relationships are allowed.
No physical interactions.
When it comes down to the rules... Past.. Women had no say in almost anything such as matters regarding:
etc. Present.. Now women have rights and are involved in all processes of life:
Enviroment E.g. Lubna Al-Qassimi Future of women... Women have a great role in the society, they will be a part of a big change for the UAE. Capturing Emirati Talents (Photoalbum) Pink sushi House of GlamO DAS Essa Sauce-Barbie competiton by local designers Maitha Hilal Maitha huraiz Meera Huraiz Zainab Al-Hashemi-owner of Dibs and Dips P.S. I care campaign Unleash Journal Sprinklez Cupcakes Freej Arwa Bu Khash-artist
Wild peeta-restuarant Komoraids Maha Gargash A&Z Moza Matar
Brown Book. The national anthem was created in 1966 The lyrics were decided through a competition.
The winner was Aref Al Sheikh Abdullah Al Hassan Live my country, the unity of our Emirates lives
You have lived for a nation
Whose religion is Islam and guide is the Quran
I made you stronger in God's name oh homeland
My country, My country, My country, My country
God has protected you from the evils of the time
We have sworn to build and work
Work sincerely, work sincerely
As long as we live, we'll be sincere sincere
The safety has lasted and the flag has lived oh our Emirates
The symbol of Arabism
We all sacrifice for you, we supply you with our blood
We sacrifice for you with our souls oh homeland
by Heyam Mustafa Garlico's restaurant By Shebib brothers Zareena-fashion designer&wedding planner Burlesque gallery The Cake Bar Lets take a look at what Emiratis think! “It’s great to live in a society of a cocktail of races from around the world; it only isn’t that great when they don’t respect their presence in an Islamic country.” “In my opinion, there a lot of people from Lebanon that have been in the UAE for more than 25 years, thus, they play an important role in various sectors of society such as business, education & health. " “A mix of cultures in a community is healthy; it gives us inspirations and allows us to inspire people. I love to see how amazed people the expats are by our culture. Having an expat community is not bad only until it leads to them violating our rules and not respecting out culture.” “I do not like expats who criticize our community or do not respect it. What I would like them to do is just read about our culture before they come.” “I think it’s good to have expats in the country but I think sometimes they tend to cross the line in terms of disrespecting cultures and our country in general.”

“They’re living the life we are supposed to live if we didn’t have so many societal restrictions.
“They developed our city and brought their bad habits with them. We wouldn’t have reached where we are today today both good and bad without them, especially the good.” “I feel that they are taking over our country and bossing us around.” “My problem is not the expat themselves, its in allowing anyone to stay in. The government should have more control over who stays and who doesn’t, especially now with the rate of crime increasing” The truth, and nothing but the truth. Emirati views on Expats. Views of Emiratis on International News “ Informative, I find them credible and cover lots of news. Depends which news media, but generally they focus on wars and are less scared to reveal the truth.” “Interesting yet self-centered, don’t reveal news of all parts of the world. They pick and choose out of preference, but then again that’s how most of the news media works.” “Too much drama, very exaggerated and biased.” “I believe they are credible but highly subjective in terms of what they present, and they get away with that because they are internationally famous.” On CNN: “I think they have a biased approach.”
On BBC: “ Much more understanding when it comes to Middle East affairs and takes into consideration cultural aspects.”
On Sky News: “ People are favoring it more than CNN or BBC as it is considered an intermediary between both with a less biased approach.”
Popular malls among Emiratis: Old generation Wafi Mall The Dubai mall Burjuman Center Emirates Towers/Shopping Boulevard Arabian Center Komoraids
Cast&Producer of City of Life Nayla Al Khaja-Film Director Sugar Box Young generation Mall of the Emirates The Dubai Mall Mercato center Festival City Sprinklez UAE
Shopping Abroad It's a trend really... Who are they? How can we define them? Simple. brand-oriented customers As they shop abroad they look for brands that are high-end such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and etc who don’t have the same collections in Dubai as they do in London or the US. Shopping Lovers
Exclusivity is everything They travel more than settle. Online shopping A big yes to Emiratis. Exclusivity Rarity Find pieces that are unique. www.asos.com
Not yet in Dubai market. Why? Who are they? Tech freaks. Fashion geeks. From where, how inspirations? Differs from one person to another. All our inspirations come from everywhere whether from a piece of art, fashion, the sky, from countries all over the world, etc. “Magazines, anything that I find breath-taking inspires me.” Co-founder of A&Z fashion brand. “Some of the most inspirational people in our society are those who didn’t fear speaking up, taking an unusual risk and making it a thing to strive after in the eyes of the generation.” “Drawing inspiration from the high fashion runways of the world.” About Mohamed Al Habtoor. " I get my inspirations from reading." Maryam Belrumaitha "You are to me the light i see the world through, and the key that opens doors in my mind, Thank you dearest friend, Thank you my book." Mishal Kanoo. Brief

Bringing light to everything Emirati. Looking at their interests, their point of views on important matters in the world, their inspirations as a reason they live for and hope to achieve. Stepping into the Emirati shoes will reveal insights into the wall that seperates weddings from shopping and misconceptions of them all. Popular Magazines&Newspapers among Emiratis Magazines more than newspapers, for the younger generation. Lets divide them: Women Grazia! Middle East
Harpers Bazaar Middle East
Ahlan! English and Arabic
HELLO! Middle East
L’Officiel Arabic and english
Elle Middle East
Emirates Woman
Brown Book
Kol al Osra
Men Brown Book
Auto target
4 men
Car Middle East
L’Officiel men
Both men & women read similar newspapers
Gulf news
7 days
Khaleej Times
Emarat al youm
Emirates today
Al Ittihad

Popular Radio Stations Regional 100.9 89.9 Noor Dubai lifestyle, health, competitions, and games and of course music. A note If you turned on one of those stations and heard the Holy Quran playing in the background then it means someone important passed away. International Virgin Radio SAWA Important Emirati Figures "If we don’t learn to live frugally, we might not live at all." Mishaal Gergawi "There is no merit in avoiding a fall by never climbing. The successful team is that which makes one plus one equal 11." Sheikh Mohammed
“I consider it my inherited duty to help relieve the plight of people who suffer the devastating effects of poverty.” Princess Haya.
Popular TV stations Sama Dubai(general)
Dubai TV(general)
Abu Dhabi TV (general)
Noor Dubai (culture/religion)
Melody Hits(music)
Dubai One TV(entertainment)
Dubai sports(sports)
City 7 TV (news and entertainment)
MBC actions(entertainment)
MBC 4(entertainment)
MBC 2(entertainment)
MBC 1 (general)
MBC 3(entertainment)
MBC Max(entertainment)
Al jazeera(news)
Al arabiya(news)
MTV Arabiya(music)
Disney world Middle East(entertainment/family)
Nojoom TV(music)
The new era... Online downloads has made TV an Old school media. Series such as:

Gossip Girl
Prison Break
One tree hill
Melrose Place
and more.. Are downloaded online, its the new generation. Through:

torrentroom.com Apple TV. New invention. New TV lifestyle. Insert money through Apple card and you get to buy any movie or tv show you want! Popular activities For the modern activities: Cinema

Ski Dubai For the traditional form of activities: Desert safari Desert skiing Desert sand boarding Jet-skiing shooting Lamya Gargash Social Networking Scene. Fashionation. Emiratweet. “As an Emirati I’ve always wanted to have a community that brings together all of us Emiratis to share, engage, speak up and gather. A community we call our own a place where we can call our voice. We are smart, ambitious, creative, innovative, risk-takers, intelligent and imaginative people. It’s time for us to show this to the world and those who vilify us.. Creators of Emiratweet. Al- Emarati. This is Dubai. Khaleejia blog. Fashion hermit. Twitter. Facebook. Flickr. The different Cliques in Dubai. The fashion group. The career driven group The modern and western group The punks group. Life sucks group. The art society group. The tribes in the UAE. Bani Yas.
Al-Shamsi. UAE traditional food. Al Machboos: rice, spices, meat, fish or chicken, potatoes, tomatoes and lentils and raisins. Al Harees: Rice, wheat, meat or chicken and water slow cooked and then mashed. Al Balaleet: traditional sweet dish eaten at breakfast or for a snack made out of a thin noodle, saffron, sugar, Cardamom and sugar syrup topped with a huge omelet. Al Ouzi: A big lamb stuffed with hard-boiled eggs, dried fruits, lentils, nuts and served with rice made with the same elements or thin Arabic bread. Al lugaimat: pastry balls deep fried and topped with sugar saffron syrup or concentrated dates syrup. Khameer: Bread made of yeast saffron, cardamom seeds and sesame seeds and dates. Khanfaroosh: Round shaped tiny cake like sweet made of saffron, cardamom, and sugar and deep fried to a golden color. Khobz Raggaag: Bread so thin like paper similar to crepe but much thinner served with sweet eggs, saffron and cardamom mixture or cheese. Chobab: a bread very similar to crepe but is made with sugar and topped with sugar and saffron. Yareesh: can be either with meat, chicken or fish and is a rice dish but made out of wheat instead of rice, served with potatoes and poultry. Fareed: it’s a bread dish made out of bread and chicken or meat topped with a broth like soup, potatoes, tomatoes, black pepper and poultry. Haleeb Naga: camel’s milk. Haleeb Findal: milk made with yams, saffron, cardamom and sugar and is heated. Nakheee: Boiled chick peas with dried chilies and salt served with the water. Sago: Sweet dish like a pudding made out of saffron, sugar, cardamom and more. Al Khabeesah
This dessert is made from flour which is heated on a stovetop and as its color turns brown, rose water, sugar, ghee and cardamom are added. The mixture is then left on medium heat until ready. Muhalabiya: sweet dish made out of milk, rose water, pistachios and is basically a milk pudding. Laban: Is a drink made out of milk, salt and mint leaves blended together very similar to lassi. Tamer: Dates. Contents: Weddings in Dubai...

It starts with a proposal.
Followed by a "Khotooba" party which means engagment party.
Then comes the Milcha which is the signing of the paper.
Henna party or Bacheloretter party
Wedding day.

Mass Weddings: In the uae the mass weddings are paid by the government state of marriage fund.

Funding a wedding:In the UAE, the cause of funding a wedding is so that the groom gets married but to a UAE national girl, and to keep UAE’s culture and identity.
Little facts
The social scene
Important figures in our society
The different cliques
Popular activities
Media: Magazines, TV, Newspapers, Radio,
Online shopping,Social networks.
Views on expat community
Views on international news
Popular malls
Emirati food
Photoalbum of inspirations
FMCG products
Marriage FMCG Products:-

Pantene shampoo
All Johnsons &Johnsons products
Head&Shoulders shampoo
Nivea products
Kelloggs Cereals

Mobile phones: if an Emirati for instance own a blackberry either will upgrade to a newer model , or to another new phone.

IPods: IPods are one of those electronic products that people feel need to be changed constantly to a newer model.

Playstations,Xbox, Wii Ninentendo: all these game gadgets are changed more that a TV, especially when it comes to the younger generation.

How to communicate with Emiratis?? Small talk before anything is essential. Creates a comfortable atmosphere. Take the time to get to know them. Respect their background. Sheikh Khalifa Sheikh Mohammed Sheikh Hamdan Sheikh Mohammed Sheikh Maktoum Sheikh Majed Sheikha Lubna Princess Haya Mishal Kanoo Mishaal Al Gergawi Dhahi Khalfan
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