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Jim Crow Laws

No description

Sarah Branting

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Jim Crow Laws

Jim Crow Laws History of the Jim Crow Laws Homer Plessy The Jim Crow Laws was the racial caste system in the Southern and border states.

The Jim Crow Laws were in affect between 1877 to mid 1960's.

The Jim Crow Laws were the beliefs that whites were superior to blacks in all ways. History of the Jim Crow Laws Jim Crow Laws The passing of the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments gve blacks the same legal rights

However, the Jim Crow Laws restricted the liberties of blacks. The Homer Plessy case took place in 1892 and made the racial system "separate but equal". The Jim Crow Laws made in impossible for blacks and whites to interact. Especially black men and white women. Public Places All public places were separate for blacks and whites. Restrictions Some restrictions that applied to blacks included barbers, buses, education, libraries, nurses, prisons, in teaching, child custody and with wine and beer. Lynchings The violence that blacks experienced form the Jim Crow Laws were known as lynchings.

Blacks would be physically beaten or hung.

These beatings were often public. Riots Riots were mass lynchings.

There were dozens of lynchings in different states in the year of 1919. Works Cited Lindop, Edmund. America in The 1950's. Brookfield: Edmund Lindrop, 2002. Print.

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