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AmeriCorps VISTA Year of Service Report

Julia Provoznik, an Ohio Campus Compact AmeriCorps VISTA serving at the Lorain County Community College, reports upon her 2010-2011 Year of Service.

Julia Provoznik

on 11 July 2011

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Transcript of AmeriCorps VISTA Year of Service Report

Imagine World Community College Student Civic Engagement ? Community Engagement Community Service Volunteerism Service Learning Classroom Community Learning Objectives Real Need Examples: Capacity Building Community Partnerships Website Development Marketing Grants/Awards Service Learning Advisory Committee Reporting/Data Collecting Celebrations Service Events Community Partner Connections Breakfast Site Visits/Orientations Events/Service Projects M3C Fellows/Students In Service AmeriCorps Programs Impact by the Numbers: LCCC 274 Civically
Volunteers 352 Service Learners 2010-2011 26 M3C/SIS AmeriCorps
Members $10,792 10 Student Scholarships $1,200 Grants 48 Community
Outreach 31 Site Visits 20 Service Learning Courses 12 Service Learning Faculty Members $191,254 Total Value of LCCC Civic Engagement > $114,846 Community Members Impacted 10,846 Hours of Service Year 2 Challenges Funding Heavy Workloads Opportunity Sustainability Events Continue Reduce Workload for Service Learning Faculty & Partners Connect Service Learning with new student success initiatives Achieving The Dream Completion By Design & Student Success American Association of
Colleges and Universities 2010 Report & Liberal Education &
America's Promise General Effects Higher grades
Higher Persistence Rates
Academic Gains
Higher Levels of Academic Engagement
Increases in critical thinking and writing skills
Greater interaction with faculty
Gains in moral reasoning THANK YOU! Lorain County Community College
Staff & Administration
Service Learning Faculty Members
Service Learning Advisory Committee
Community Partners
Ohio Campus Compact
Ruby Beil
Maxine Kantor
Mari Welch
Marcia Jones
M3C Fellows & Students In Service
Mother & Family Keys For Sustainability: 1. Support 2. Connections - Student Success Greater levels of civic behavior, social responsibility, understanding of social justice, and sense of self-efficacy
Greater tolerance and reduced stereotyping
Greater commitment to service-oriented career American Association of
Community Colleges Learn & Serve America Service Learning participation was a predictor of increased student learning outcomes Faculty unanimously agreed that service learning influenced students to stay enrolled in college. 2010 Study Service Learners reported a higher GPA than their nonservice learning counterparts Service learning increased retention of academic content because it provided students with experiences that had real-life consequences.
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