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ipspys La Caze

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Japan

By:Christine H. Greetings Gestures Visiting Eating Try not to mess up because it can affect the whole family.

Children are free and rarely disciplined before they start school.

Families normally have 2 children.

The parents have roles: The father is the head of the household and the mother is responsible for the children and the finances. When you go to Japan, a traditional greeting is with a proper bow.

How to do a proper bow: You can do a proper bow by standing with the feet together and arms straight at their side (Women are able to fold their arms in front of them and bending 45 degrees from the waist).

Whenever new people meet, they normally use their last names to introduce eachother When you are in Japan, do not yawn or chew
gum in public. They consider it very ill-mannered. Try not to eat in public, they consider it bad manners.

If you buy snack foods at the stand, eat them there.

When your eating, use chopsticks.
If they give you soup, try to keep the bowl at chest level so you don't have to keep bending down to the table. Japan
You should sit up straight with both feet on the floor. Legs can be crossed at your knees or ankles but if you place your ankle over your knee, it is considered improper. When you are visiting someone, let them know in advance.

When you are entering someones house, take off your shoes.

You can compliment someone, but do not excessively compliment them. Family Housing Apartments are normally crammed if you live in the city

Some houses are normally have more space than apartments do
Lots of the houses have japanese decor

Most houses have a entry way, where visitors normally take their shoes off and put their slippers on Dating and Marriage People don't normally start dating until they are 15, but have very little time to spend with each other.

When kids enter collage, they have more free time and have a better opportunity to date.

When a couple is getting married, the grooms family normally meet the brides family at their house or at a restaurant Life Cycle When a mother is 5th month of pregnancy, the family goes to a shine and ask the gods for a safe birth. The priest normally gives them them a sash with a picture of a dog on it, which would represent an easy birth.

On the 7Th day after the birth, the baby's name is announced and family and friends gather for a meal.

Each year on November 15Th, they hold a festival for the well being of the young children

When people die, they normally have a funeral where people are expected to bring money and put it in a white and black envelopes Diet The diet consists mostly of rice, chicken, fresh vegetables, seafood, fruit, and small portions of meat.

Most of their food dishes consist of soy sauce or fish broth.

Sometimes they use and eggroll or cucumber instead of fish broth

The japanese sometimes eat sushi bars for a snack Recreation Japans popular sports are Badminton, soft tennis, table tennis, soccer, and basketball.

During their leisure time, people like to watch T.V., sing karaoke, watch movies, play video games, and walk in nature.

Lots of people enjoy reading books, comics, and magazines on their free time.

Older people enjoy doing artistic hobbies such as ceramics, woodblock print making, painting, calligraphy, flower arranging, and traditional Japanese dance. The Arts The most symphonic arts are music and ballet

Older adults like the puppet theater and highly stylized drama.

Japanese sometimes go to musical concerts and listen to pop music.

The japanese like to write and read haiku poems and arrange flower bouquets

Woodblock printing is another traditional art in the japanese arts. Holidays Japanese have three major holiday seasons New Years, Golden Week, and the Obon festival.

People normally take 7 days off from work for New Year’s. People also visit shrines and relatives during their vacation time. Many people also send out New Year's cards to friends and family.

Lots of japanese celebrate Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and White day.

Even though few Japanese are Christian, it is not uncommon for people to celebrate Christmas by getting together with friends and eating Christmas cake. Links JAPANS NATIONAL ANTHEM http://online.culturegrams.com/recipes/list.php?type=World&id=82 recipe http://online.culturegrams.com/world/world_country.php?contid=3&wmn=Asia&cid=82&cn=Japan Currency converter http://online.culturegrams.com/world/currency_converter_widget.php
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