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Ebusiness Strategies Amazon.com

Group 9 Presentation

Kantesh D

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Ebusiness Strategies Amazon.com

Porters Five Forces Analysis Industry rivalry - High Strengths Nirupama B Hanumanthe - 210740244
Mohnish Bharat Gohil - 211400032
Sushrut Padhye - 212545354
Kantesh Devadiga – 212437081
Venkata Akilesh Gourisetti – 211733205
Saleem Siraj Ali - 212447342 Thank you!!! Introduction Introduction 1st company to go online in retailing One of the biggest players in the online market Mission "We seek to be Earth’s most customer-centric company for four primary customer sets: consumers, sellers, enterprises, and content creators.” External Analysis Internal Analysis SWOT Strategies Threat of new entrants - Low Bargaining power of buyers - High Bargaining power of suppliers - Medium-high Threat of Substitutes - Very high Threats Opportunities Strengths First in online retailing
First-mover advantage
Cost effective business model

Weakness Lack of physical presence
Low customer loyalty
Over reliance on third party distribution
Opportunities New market in online services
Extend in-house products
Expansion to emerging markets Threats Cyber attacks
Regional online retailer
Rivals offering low price tags
Internal External Negative Positive Business Model and Core competencies Value Proposition Revenue Model Core Competencies Growing competitors
Reducing technology cost
High brand reputation
Customer loyalty and satisfaction
Spate of acquisitions Variety of websites like eBay, Overstock, B & N
Advanced search tools available for product search Medium as it has large number suppliers across the world
High as it does not have a production and have to depend on the business partnership Cost Leadership
Outpacing Current Strategy First-mover advantage
Low cost
1-Click shopping Cost Structure Online sales
Advertisement revenue
Affiliate revenue model Brand reputation
Buying experience
Participatory network IT infrastructure cost
Warehouse management cost New Strategy Vision
Customer Value
Customer Segment Weakness Niche and regional online retailers
Lack of corporeal presence
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