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Unruly Media Pack

An introduction to Unruly Media and our range of products, services and expertise.

sales sales

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of Unruly Media Pack

What we do Viral Video Seeding

HD Video Display

Brand Solutions Activation

We spread content to the most
influential bloggers, journalists
and tweeps, leveraging both
our existing relationships
and our proprietary influencer
identification tools. Amplification

We syndicate content to high
volume video platforms and
social media applications to
maximise reach Viral Upside

We also generate as many
shared or 'earned' views as
possible on social networks to
deliver above
and beyond the results we
have guaranteed. Viral Video Seeding Recent Viral Success

#1 on YouTube
#1 on Viral Video Chart
World Record for most viewed ad online
61.4m views to date
Over 54,000 comments and tweets
Over 440,000 Facebook fans
1,858 total retweets
5.2% clickthrough & 24.6% sharethrough rate on Twitter
Coverage on Boing Boing, Gizmodo and Engadget. 
Front page of Digg.
#1 on Viral Video Chart
#1 on Viral Video Chart
897 blog posts
2,028 tweets
14,559 FB shares
1.2m plays

TrendLand drove 2.29% of people to email to friends.
GeekTown generated a click-through rate of 5.56%.
GeekSpeak, a massive 14.29% of viewers shared the
video on Facebook, Twitter or via email.
HD Video Display ECLIPSE Impact.

We deliver high impact expandable
display units on premium sites,
streaming video in true HD up
to 1080p.

While we specialize in video,
all our display units can be
adapted to deliver games,
widgets, applications or other
rich, immersive digital brand

On average our viewers spend over
60 seconds actively engaging with
each piece of branded content.
Recent ECLIPSE Campaigns
Since 2006 Unruly Media has
harnessed the power of the
social web to exceed client
expectations on more than 600
branded content campaigns
for global agencies and
blue-chip brands including
Nike, Adidas, Pepsi, Xbox,
Diesel, T-Mobile and Evian.
We have bought, earned and
audited over a billion user-
intended views across 41 countries
in Europe, North America and
Our cost per engagement model
ensures that you only pay for
people who are actively engaging
with your content.
Our Viral Tools Identification Creative assessment Measurement and Analytics Social Media Brand Solutions Our Media Content creation
with key partners Tailored content integrated
on to our partners blogs We activate this content across
all relevant social discovery sites Bloggers also promote
content on their other
social platforms Unruly Media works with an
extensive portfolio of 5000+
social networks, video sites,
influential blogs and social
media applications, reaching
35m+ people across Europe.
We work with the most relevant of
our partners to create a broad range of custom content that either supports
existing essets or acts to provide a
standalone engagement.

Blog posts Video
Games Facebook applications
Social profiles Mobile applications 10% click-through rate
3% share rate Pulling in an exisitng flash widget
3 minutes + engagement times Pulling in custom video
with hot-spot integration 63" average dwell time
38% CTR to microsite Booking widget integration 1.2M plays delivered on a target of 90k
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