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Papahānaumoku & Wākea

No description

Hooulu Project

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Papahānaumoku & Wākea

A Hawaiian cosmogony Papahānaumoku & Wākea -Papahānaumoku- (Papa who gives birth to islands) she is earth mother wahine of Wākea.
-Wākea- Sky father kāne of Papa.
-Cosmogony- Story of creation or beginning. Basic Background Papahānaumoku & Wākea -Mālama 'Āina
-Kāne/Wahine Roles Basic Values and Concepts -Papahānaumoku and Wākea have three children Hawaii Island, Māui Island, and Ho'ohōkūkalani.
-Wākea takes a liking to Ho'ohōkūkalani and wants to take her as his second wife.
-Wākea knows that Papa will be very upset with him if she finds out about his liking of Ho'ohōkūkalani.
-Wākea has his kahuna create pōkapu.
-Wākea uses this to sneak away from Papa and take Ho'ohōkūkalani as his second wife. The Mo'olelo Wākea and Ho'ohōkūkalani -Wākea and Ho'ohōkūkalani have a child Hāloanakalaukapalili.
-Hāloanakalaukapalili is a make i ka wā hānau (still-born)
-Wākea and Hoohōkūkalani burry Hāloanakalaukapalili and from his body sprouts the first kalo.
-They have a second child in which they name after the first one, he is Hāloa the first ali'i. The Mo'olelo No Hāloa mai au, No Hāloa mai kākou -Ho'ohōkūkalani being a faithful daughter tells Papa what happened with Wākea.
-Papa in her anger leaves Wākea and takes Lua as her kāne.
-Papa and Lua have O'ahu.
-Wākea takes two more wahine Hina and Ka'ulawahine.
-Wākea and Hina have one child Moloka'i The Mo'olelo Hina -Wākea and Ka'ulawahine have Lāna'ika'ula
-Papa and Wākea get back together and have five more children.
Ka'ula The Mo'olelo Mahalo
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