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No description

Laura Smith

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Sequencing

Free Falling
All About Sequencing
As I picked up speed...
...I started to get scared. The thing I saw fly past me was a helicopter, its blades whirling around my head. Little did I know, my adventure was about to get even more terrifying.
I passed the helicopter, I sped past the birds, who squawked angrily at someone invading their skies. But they were the least of my worries. I was going to hit the ground - and I couldn't slow down!
I could see the cars getting closer... I was going to hit the street! I wished I could reverse everything I had done and land safely in my airplane seat. Wait...maybe I could! I just had to remember everything I passed so I could get back. If only I had a graphic organizer........
Images used under license from Shutterstock.com
What I saw as I fell from the sky
The airplane had just taken off from Atlanta. I could barely contain my excitement - I was flying by myself for the very first time!
Looking out my window, the ground seemed so close. Without any time to think it through, I jumped out of my seat, ran to the door, and leaped into the air!
The wind hit my face like a slap. I was falling! The very thing I passed was the engine -- I never knew anything could be so loud!
in a minute
Here was one flying through the air.....
Quick! I knew I better fill it out before I looked like a pancake!
First I passed the airplane engine
Next the helicopter roared around me
After the helicopter I soared through a flock of birds
Last but not least, I would hit the ground!
I'm saved! I can get back!
But I wanted to fill out another graphic organizer quickly:
First I passed the airplane engine
Next the helicopter roared around my head
After the helicopter I soared through a flock of birds
Finally, I was about to hit the ground!
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