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Leadership Dev Modules

No description

Ben Grossman-Kahn

on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of Leadership Dev Modules

Nordstrom 21st Century Leadership
21st Century Leadership

Interview Warm-up!
90 seconds: Interview your partner about their week.

Ask open ended questions and follow up with "Why" and "Tell me More" and "How did that feel?"

Switch roles!
For each person you support..
What is one personal goal they are working towards?

Can you name at least 1 specific accomplishment they've had in the past two weeks?

Can you name one area where they are working on growing?
Taking it Home
Find a partner, and brainstorm two concrete actions/activities you can take next week to build empathy for your team.
Disciplined Collaboration
Goal of collaboration is NOT collaboration

Goal of collaboration is better results
Collaboration Math
1,000 people X 3 wasted meetings/month= 36,000 lost hours every year!

Bad collaboration is worse than no collaboration
Keys to Disciplined Collaboration
Step 1: Identify where collaboration is needed

Step 2: Remove Barriers

Step 3: Tailor Collaboration Solutions
Case Study
Apple vs. Sony
T shaped Leaders
Keys to Empowerment
Clear Direction (Vision+Mission)

Constraints (Values + Expectations)

Draw Your Fences

For the team/project you wrote a vision for, create no more than 3-5 boundaries/guidelines/constraints to guide them.
Activity Time!
Find a group of 4 people sitting around you

Complete the instructions on the paper your team receives
Whats your Collaborative
Leadership Style?
Clear Vision
"We are going to put a man on the moon
by the end of the decade"
Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
Comply with all FAA Regulations
Never give away alcohol
Clear Directions/Expectations

"Be the best provider of air transportation
With your team, choose
one of the following topics to discuss using the 6 thinking hats
Should Nordstrom get into the hotel business?

Flying cars- should society invest in them?

Year round school system- yeah or neah?

Unlimited vacation policy- should we implement?

21st Century Leadership Bootcamp
4 Barriers to Collaboration
Not Invented Here
(People unwilling to reach out to others)

Hoarding Barrier
(People unwilling to provide help)

Search Barrier
(People not able to find what they are looking for)

Transfer Barrier
(people not able to work well with people they don't know well)
Use existing flight equipment as intended to deliver passengers safely
Case Studies
You are getting feedback that someone you support is not making space to genuinely listen to their team. How do you coach them?
Your team comes to you and shares that they feel they have been handed mission AND explicit path to achieve it, leaving them frustrated and unempowered. How would you handle this?
What do good leaders do?




Taking it Home
Thoughtless Acts/Hacks
Whats your Leadership journey map?
1. Capture the "moments that mattered" on your timeline

2. Layer your emotional journey onto the timeline

3. Layer your "cognitive" journey along the timeline

4. Interview a partner about their leadership experience.

Try to discover their best moment as a leader, their worst moment, at least 2 needs they might have, and at least 2 great stories.
Defer Judgement!!!!
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