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Storytime and Early Literacy

No description

Ms Kauffman

on 15 March 2018

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Transcript of Storytime and Early Literacy

Storytime and
Early Literacy

What you need to know:
Story time structure
Types of children's books
Reading techniques
Early literacy skills
Storytime Structure
Introduce yourself if kids don't know you
Children often seated in a semi circle
Use a comfortable space
Include rhymes, fingerplays or a chance for movement between stories
craft or extension of story theme/ideas
Reading Techniques
Make eye contact
Read slowly
Involve the children - repeated chants or lines of story
Read with expression! Use character voices, act silly!
Point to characters or objects in pictures
Ask children leading questions so they are involved - draw them back in if they have strayed
Read for Early Literacy
Print motivation
Print awareness
Narrative skills
Vocabulary development
Letter knowledge
Phonological awareness
Print Motivation
Children's interest in and enjoyment of books
Print Awareness
Noticing print; recognizing that print has meaning; knowing how to hold a book; how to follow the written word on a page
Narrative Skills
The ability to describe things and events and tell stories.
Knowing the names of things and understanding feelings and concepts
Letter Knowledge
knowing the names of letters are different from one another and making different sounds; knowing the same letter can look different
Picture Books
Concept Books: informational, simple, focused
Predictable/Participation Books: children participate by speaking repeated words/phrases or acting out movements suggested in the book
Picture Storybooks: tells story through pics and text
Easy Readers: limited vocab
Engineered/Toy Books: movable parts
ABC and Counting Books
Rhyming Books/Poems
Wordless Picture Books
Board Books: durable, chewable
What children know about reading and writing before they can actually read and write.
Get excited!
Practice, practice, practice
Have kids make predictions
Let kids join in
Comfortable area for reading
Let kids borrow similar books
Types of Books
Select books you love!
Books with characters children love
Interesting subjects, including non-fiction titles
run a finger under title and repeated phrases
encourage participation by saying repeated phrases
use big books
write out some words on the board
Types of Books
Big Books
books with repetitive phrases
books with a few words on each page
Ask questions about the story or illustrations
Encourage participation by saying repeated phrases together
Ask students to tell what they think will happen next
Types of Books
Books with repetitive phrases or plot
Books with plot (beginning, middle, end)
Cumulative story
Wordless picture books
Define words before reading story
Use facial expressions/body language to convey meaning
Have children repeat new words
Discuss interesting pictures using new words
Types of Books
Books with unusual words
Concept books
Use any book to point out letters
Use ABC books to talk about letters
Show or have students make letter props
Use name tags so children start to recognize the letters of their name
Types of Books
Alphabet books
Books where children find things
Books with shapes
Phonological Awareness
the ability to hear and play with smaller sounds in words
Types of Books
Rhymes and rhyming games
Allow students to make sounds from story
Clap syllables
Help children sound out words
Mother goose rhymes
Books with tongue twisters or alliteration
Books with sounds
Storytime Extensions
literacy game
coloring page
create puppet or prop for story
make small book
Why incorporate a craft or story extension?
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