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Navigating the Forest, beyond the Trees

No description

Elon Lindsay

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Navigating the Forest, beyond the Trees

Navigating the Forest, Beyond the Trees:
Translating the vision into reality
Don't lose your way.
The Road Less Traveled
Be respected now,
the 'like' can come later
The worst decision,
is a non-decision...
Strong leaders must be willing to make the best decision, based on the information they have on hand at the time.

The most valuable asset, is your time.
Determine daily, what will be accomplished and hold yourself accountable.
Build your team
Put the pieces/parts around you to balance your weaknesses
Developing yourself is a gift
Do the research. Find any resources or tools you can when starting a new venture.
Lean in
Be confident in your abilities to ask for the things you need and have earned. Trust in your abilities to lead.
Evaluate, Evaluate, Evaluate
Create short & long term goals and KPIs to measure success. Evaluate your personal performance at various checkpoints to determine any corrections needed.
Becoming a Great Leader
Laura Lang TIME, Inc. CEO

Shonda Rhimes
ABC Network Drama Series
Creative/Executive Producer
Nancy Dubuc
A&E Networks President/CEO
Sheryl Sandberg Facebook COO
Ursula Burns
Xerox Chairman/CEO
Indra Nooyi
PepsiCo Chairman/CEO
Irene Rosenfield
Kraft Foods Chairman/CEO
Conference Overview

Recently, I attended Goizueta’s Annual Advancing Women in Leadership Conference, comprised of more than a dozen amazing, leading women from several walks of business.

This year’s theme was Reenergize. Reset. Redefine. The 200+ combined years of experience across the various panels, truly embodied that sentiment.

Included are some of the my key takeaways.

Be fair; Make decisions with integrity and ensure your voice is heard.
As women, we often put too much emphasis on being liked. Be respected as a great leader, it is more powerful than being liked.
If you see it, call it out. If you believe in it; advocate for it.
A wrong decision can be corrected with a series of subsequent decisions, but a non-decision can lead to many irreparable consequences.
Lay out your calendar creating short and long term goals of how to allocate your time.
Evaluate when and how to change your calendar/time allotments as priorities shift
Be in the moment. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing for that allotted time, be focused solely on that task
Understand your team, their skills, strengths, opportunities and motivation
Create a discipline to not do it all yourself
Allow everyone to play their position on the team
Create an attitude of gratitude and be humble enough to ask for help
Find a mentor and coaches to be your external mirrors. We are often our biggest critics and cheerleaders, build a relationship with someone to provide unbiased feedback.
Remember, as you become more senior, you are no longer judged by your efforts but rather on your outcomes.
Be comfortable living in a space of ambiguity and change.
Anxiety lives in the future, regret lives in the past. Live now.
Be willing, be flexible but be empowered to create boundaries for the non-negotiables.
Have passion for what you do.
Learn from what you have observed and absorbed in previous supporting roles, when the opportunity to lead presents itself.
You are not alone.
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