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Employability Skills

No description

Lianna Iacob

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Employability Skills

Steps Toward Advancement 2017 2013 2014 2015 2016 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c C. Know your customers D. Understand your company work culture, mission and goals Core Academic Skills A. Communication Skills Company/Organization Behavior Skills A. Align personal goals with company goals Job Success Skills An Example of How Reading is Helpful Personal Characteristics Professional appearance Employability Essentials for Success B. Math Skills 1. Listening skills 2. Presentation skills Paraphrase what you have just heard Posture, eye contact, body language Varies C. Reading Skills Paperwork D. Technology Skills Researching career interests B. Determine career path within organization What can you do to help meet their goals? May require more training or education Customer: Anyone who relies on you for something Accuracy
Attention to detail
Common Sense
Follow through
Good attendance
Problem solving abilities
Safety awareness
Time management Continue professional development
Be safe, reliable and efficient Watch for opportunities to advance Be courteous, keep your temper Paperwork 3. Writing and Verbal Skills Learning about using the latest and greatest tools Basic knowledge of Microsoft Suite apps Online applications Looking for work opportunities Application
Employee handbook Reading level beyond the 9th grade Goals and vision of organization Willingness to learn The ability to work in a team Responsibility Respect for diversity Reliability Positive attitude Initiative Honesty/Ethics Flexibility Confidence Follow direction and advice Show enthusiasm!
Be willing to go the extra mile Keep yourself informed of experience needed for promotion Introductions and interaction with coworkers
Writing memos, letters and emails Speak clearly and project voice appropriately Assume you can learn something from the topic
A. Employability Essentials for Success B. Steps Toward Advancement 1. Core Academic Skills
5. Worksheet
4. Personal Characteristics/Interpersonal Skills
3. Job Success Skills
2. Company/Organizational Behavior Skills
Empolyability Skills Self
Assessment Completing taxes Balancing checkbook Paperwork (graphs, budgets, etc.) Tracking product and production Measurements Counting change back Hiring process, Workplace and Daily life: Your vision of the future
May not be obvious choice
Human Resources department What can you do to help achieve their goals? Company work culture Always to your very best!
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