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Cuy en Peru!!

How cuy can be seen in everyday Peruvian culture. By: Heather Ritter, Amanda Paduch, DeAndra Miller, & Jackie Williams-Boring.

Jackie Boring

on 23 February 2011

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Transcript of Cuy en Peru!!

CUY!! Domesticated since 5000 B.C. ~Big part of the culture as a result ~Comes from Andes Mts. ~In Cusco, Peru, cuy is one of the celebrated delicacies. ~It tastes similar to duck. ~A regular lunch in Peru costs 15 soles, or $5.
Cuy costs 48 soles, or $16. ~Raised in miniature apartment dwellings ~65 million a year are consumed! ~Eaten in times of famine as well as on a daily basis. ~Meal of choice during special family occasions ~Often used as crude medicine. And its influence in Peruvian Culture... / By: Amanda Paduch, Heather Ritter, DeAndra Miller, & Jackie Williams-Boring
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