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Notes from a Bottle

No description

casey PRUITT

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Notes from a Bottle

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Characters: 1.Narrator (no name given)
2.Apartment building residents Setting March 23rd-25th in New York City Exposition- People in the apartment building are celebrating, the narrator is confused on why. He sees people around him drinking and having fun.

Conflict- Looking out the window, he sees water rising. Person vs. nature

Rising Action- Since he is on a high floor, people are coming up to his floor to escape the water. However the water keeps rising, and soon enough everyone is on the very top of the building.

Climax- All the narrator knows is that he is near death and the water is coming straight from the Atlantic. Plot Notes From a Bottle By: James Stevenson The Flood: Know one knows why it is flooding-there is no explanation. There isn't even any noise. The city is completely silent, which is something the narrator notices. Literary Terms: Ambiguous- unclear Literary Terms: Subtle-
Open to different interpretations About the Author James Stevenson was born in 1929, and is still alive. He has been writing for almost fifty years. Stevenson started his writing career by writing humorous stories 1.) What do the title and subtitle add to you knowledge of the story? Since the title of the story is Notes from a Bottle, and the subtitle tells us that a bottle containing a note was discovered in the South Atlantic, we can assume that someone was writing notes. Also, we can assume that the bottle that was found was filled with the narrators journal entries from the flood. 2.) What do the minor characters add to the story? The minor characters add that everybody is in trouble. Nobody is safe from the flood, and that's what the characters showing up in the narrators apartment tells us. Also, everyone is out for themselves, as it shows how everyone just leaves the apartment without saying where they are going. 3.) What do the writers point of view and the story's form enable the writer to do? Since the writer wrote it in the narrators point of view and the story's form is journal entries, it enables us to see first-hand how all the people felt at the time of the flood. It is an eye-witness account, and we know what it was really like to be fighting for your life, but knowing that you are most likely about to die. 4.) What do you think the authors purpose is in this story? We think the authors purpose is that he wants to convey the feeling of a serious story, but also still make it humorous in some places, just like he did when he was writing about political and national topics. The characters behavior seems credible, considering that it is a life or death situation. However, the flood being so large that it is climbing the tallest buildings in New York City doesn't seem to be very believable. 6.) What do the allusions add to the story? The allusions allow us to connect this story to another story we know well, like Noah's Ark We kind of know what will happen, but we aren't for sure. 7.) Did you expect the mood or was the mood change unexpected? Explain. Yes, we expected the mood to change to grim, because everyone knew that they were probably going to die and that they couldn't escape the flood. The change is the mood was unavoidable. THE END (: 5.) Evaluate the credibility of the story. Point Of View First Person Point Of View Theme: The theme is to handle disasters as best as you can and to live each day like it's your last. Falling Action/ Resolution There is really no falling action or resolution,
because the ending is just a cliff hanger. It is up to you to decide what really happened, however most likely they all died.
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