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Lawyer Prezi

No description

Jazmon Parham

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Lawyer Prezi

To become a Prosecuter you need a 7 years of full time study after High school, 4 year college degree, 3 years of law school. You need to complete and achieve your Bachelors degree. There are no needed pre-law undergraduate majors, but majors in English, foriegn languages, and public speaking. You need to take the LSAT test and of course apply into a law school. After law school you need to take the Bar Examination.
Colleges that offers majors and certification program
About $94,930 per year is the average salary of a lawyer (that including a prosecuter). But, it depends on weather you are partnered with some one else or if you let your clients pay you.
Science & Math
Written & Verbal Communications
Career Outlook
They use:
Full text databases
Word processors
Internet cpnnectivity (for cases, emails, research, ect)
Cell phones
Fax Machines
Calander systems
Problems that need solving by Prosecuters are:
How math is used:
When a Attorney(that means all lawyers) has to write a brief for a case to convince the Judge that there client should when the case they structure it like a geometric proof.
In the future it is said that the number of lawyers are going to increase by 2018 because of so many people wanting to be a lawyers.
Tax problems
Community problems
Other Lawyer problems (meaning bad messes that need to be cleanded up)
Job problems (meaning business meetings, diffrent cases, keeping up with things, ect)
Adoption Law: With these type of lawyers you need interpearsonal communication
Corporate Law: These lawyers you need interpersonal communication skills, written and verbal communication skills because of the field that you wotk with.
Criminal Law: Lawyers that work in the Criminal field have to have excellent communication skills and intrepersonal skills
Note that when I say interpersonal I mean verbal.
Lawyers are needed every where. The place they are most needed is across the seas in countries like Japan.
Lawyers have many responibilities. As the representative of there clients it's thier responsibility to make sure that they win the case and get what they are asking for. It is also a lawyers responsibility to make sure they have everything ready for a court day because if not prepared him/her and client will have a big chance of losing the case they are trying to win.
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