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Walt Disney

Hope you enjoy our presentation!! :)

Laiba Hanif

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of Walt Disney

Who was Walt Disney?
Walter Elias Disney was an American entrepreneur,cartoonist, animator, voice actor, and film producer. Walt Disney was the creator of Disney Channel,Disney Parks and Disney Movies. He was also the creator of Mickey Mouse, and famous hit movies like Snow White.
Before Fame

Even though Walt wasn't sure what he wanted to with his life, he still had faith in himself. He wanted to do something in the show business, so he took classes at the Chicago University of Fine Arts and brought himself a movie camera. He and his friend, Russell Mass, made short movies together. To fund for his classes, Walt decided to work at the post office in 1917. While he was working, Herbert and Roy (siblings) were serving in the army. Walt joined in the army to take part of the action. He sailed to France in 1918 November. By the time he got there the fighting already ended. In his ambulance vehicle he spent much of his time driving officers around, running errands, and drawing. He drew cartoons all over the canvas flaps of the ambulance.
In August, 1923, Walt packed a cardboard suitcase, with his clothes and drawing materials. He went to California and moved in with his uncle, paying a few dollars a month. He had big dreams for himself but he wasn't much of a success. Nobody hired him, so he went back to making and selling cartoons. Finally in October, a woman named Margret Winkler saw and liked what Walt had done in Alice's Wonderland. She agreed to pay him for a series of Alice cartoons which she would sell in theaters. He also had three months to create a new film. Walt did not have the materials, money, or Virginia Davis to make a new film, so he went to his brother Roy for help. Roy was a good head for business, and so the two formed the Disney Brothers Studio. Walt persuaded Virginia Davis to move to Hollywood, and bought himself a new movie camera. He created the story line and directed each of the Alice movies and even finished ahead of time. He also hired a women named Lillian Bounds which he married later, and convinced Ub Iwerks to join the Disney Studios.Together they created a character named Oswald the Lucky rabbit, it was a hit. Business was so good they moved to bigger offices and changed the name to Walt Disney Studios. Roy thought this was okay, and Walt was under a lot of pressure. Some workers quit because of his nasty temper. Then somebody named Charlie Mintz hired one of his former workers who knew how to create Oswald. It was nasty and mean! Walt decided to create a character even better than Oswald, it would be a mouse..... which would be his ticket to fame.
Walt Disney's Impact on the world
Walt Disney cheered people up during both world wars with his bright and colorful cartoons.
He enforced kids not to cheat, lie, smoke, or swear in the Mickey Mouse Club pledge
He created a visual for children to believe that dreams come true only if you believe
He created Disneyland and Disney world, popular theme parks that more than a million people visit each year
Walt Disney's Childhood
Walt Disney was the son of Elias Disney and Flora Disney. He had 3 brothers and 1 sister, they were named Ruth, Herbert, Roy and Raymond. He went to school at the same time as his younger sister.He loved drawing and he thought of himself as an artist. Walt loved being the Class Clown, he would do anything to make his class mates laugh. He moved twice in his childhood, the first time he moved to Marceline,Missouri. The second time he moved to Chicago,Illinois.
Walt Disney
By: Nimah, Eesha and Laiba

How Walt
got famous
Walt Disney moved to Kansas City to work as an artist. In Kansas City he teamed up with another artist named Ub Iwerks. They started their own company and wanted to create art for signs. They didn't have any customers, so the store closed after a month. Soon after, he learned how to animate cartoons. He set up a studio behind his house and started selling cartoons called Laugh-O-Grams. Then, he started a small company in which he sold his Laugh-O-Grams to Newman Theaters in Kansas City. Walt and Ub started to work on a film called
Alice's Wonderland
in which a girl named Virginia Davis played Alice, but before he finished, he went bankrupt and even had to sell his movie camera.Without losing hope, he decided to go to the center of the entertainment business...Hollywood!
how his FAME GREW
Challenges walt Disney faced
Walt Disney faced many challenges he didn't deserve. For example, his hit character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was stolen from him by Charlie Mintz. He also encountered money problems and even went bankrupt more than once. Ub Iwerks, his first and best cartoonist, left because he thought Walt was making money off of him, his mom and dad died which devastated him, the world war affected his business. Even though he had many obstacles, he still believed one day he could achieve his dreams.
What If Walt Disney Did Not Do What He Did
If Walt Disney didn't do what he did the Disney Theme Parks wouldn't be here. Kids would not be inspired to do what they love, the classic Disney movies you watch wouldn't even exist, and the kids around the world wouldn't be inspired to extend beyond their entertainment to the world in which they live. Disney believes in making Disney kids and families everywhere join in taking action and caring for the world.
What was His Biggest Accomplishment
Walt Disney believed that some of his biggest accomplishments were: Snow White, Mickey Mouse, and Disney Land. He produced the first sound cartoon named Steam Boat Willie, this was one of his biggest hits. He created the Mickey Mouse Club, Mickey Mouse merchandise, and Comic strips. He also won the Academy Award for "Flowers & Trees". Walt Disney also had the honor of having most of his movies made into classics.
Walt Disney's Motivation/ Inspiration
Walt Disney became bored of school and ordinary jobs. He wanted to become something big and famous to inspire kids. His Inspiration for Mickey Mouse was Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. His inspiration for Disneyland was when he was sitting at an old amusement park watching his daughters play. He noticed how filthy the park was and wanted to create one that was clean and inviting for families, so he created Disney Land.
fun facts
Wall-E was named after Walt Disney.
Fresh from the success of Snow White, he had bought a home for his parents, but tragically a faulty heating system led to Flora Disney's death from air poisoning.
Lots of early Disney films are a mother-free zone: The Jungle Book, Pinocchio and Bambi. It's been suggested that this was because of the guilt over the death of his own mother in 1938.
Walt Disney was once fired for "lack of creativity" (WHAT?)
Walt has won more Oscars than anybody else (22 in total)
The Jungle Book was the last film personally overseen by him.
His famous signature was not created by him
He could not draw Mickey Mouse as well as Ub Iwerks
Walt Disney's autograph didn't look anything like the Disney logo.

Walt Disney's Inspirational Speech
"Who Was Walt Disney" By Whitney Stewart
Charlie Mintz
Disney Movies
Walt Disney's family
Walt Disney is born on December 5th
Disney's move to a farm in Marceline, Missouri
The Disney's moves to Kansas City, Missouri
The Disney's move to Chicago, Illinois
Walt drives an ambulance in France
Walt makes Laugh-O-Grams
Walt and Roy start The Disney Brothers Company
Marries Lillian Bounds on July 13
The big hit "Steamboat Willie" was created
Hit movie Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs is released.
Walt Disney dies of lung cancer on December 15.
Disneyland is opened on July 17
Walt's parents were Elias and Flora Disney. He had 2 brothers; Herbert and Roy. Lillian Marie Bounds/Disney was the wife of Walt Disney. She was married to him from 1925 until his death in 1966. He met her after hiring her as an inker in Disney Studios. Walt used to drive her home everyday. She had short brown hair and was stylish and slim. Lillian also came up with the name Mickey after Walt was going to name him "Mortimer Mouse". Lillian and Walt had one child together named Diane Disney/Miller and adopted a daughter named Sharon Mae Disney/Lund. Diane died recently in 2013 (79). Sharon died in 1993 (56) of breast cancer. Diane married Ronald William Miller and had four sons and three daughters. Sharon married Robert Brown and adopted one daughter. Then, she later remarried to Bill Lund and had twins, a son and a daughter. Most of Walt Disney's grandchildren are alive today.
Ub Iwerks
Walt disney's family tree
Elias & Flora
Christopher Disney Miller
Joanna Sharon Miller Runeare
Tamara D. Miller Scheer
Jennifer L Miller Goff
Walter Elias Disney Miller
Ronald William Miller, Jr.
Patrick D. Miller
Victoria Disney (1966-2002)
Brad Lund (b. June 5, 1970)
Michelle Lund (b. June 5, 1970)
Sharon Mae Disney/Lund
Diane Disney/Miller
walt disney & Lillian Disney/bounds
Roy Disney
Herbert Disney
pick one mrs.schwandt!!

"in summer"-Frozen
Mufasa's death-lion king
a whole new world-aladdin
morning lesson-lion king
"part of your world"-little mermaid
clock strikes 12!!-cinderella
"let it go"-frozen
When I went to Disneyworld during Winterbreak
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