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2013 Maverick Graphic Novel List

Your guide to some of the best graphic novels published in the last 2 years as chosen by Texas librarians.

Friendswood Library

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of 2013 Maverick Graphic Novel List

Grades 6-8
Grades 6-12
Grades 9-12
Want to add new graphic novel titles to your collection but not sure where to start?

The Texas Library Association Maverick Committee wants to help. We have compiled a list of excellent graphic novel titles to get you started.

Books have been separated by recommended grade levels to further assist collection development.
Maverick Graphic Novel List

A list of recommended titles
to help librarians grow their

Adult for YA
Bird & Squirrel on the Run
James Burkes
What happens when a carefree bird and a neurotic squirrel cross paths? A ruined stash of winter food, a trek south, and cat hot on their trail!
Play Ball
Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir, Jackie Lewis
Dashiell Brody doesn't want to fit in. Instead of joining the softball team she joins the baseball team. Her actions shake up her family, her school and the state championship.
The City of Ember: the Graphic Novel
Jeanne Duprau, Dalla Middaugh, Niklas Asker
Lina and Doon realize that their city, Ember, is failing, and struggle first to convince others of that fact, and then to follow the mysterious message Lina has partly decoded, in the hopes that it will lead to a new world.
Mark Fearing
Bud gets on the wrong schoolbus and ends up at Cosmos Academy, where Earthlings are feared enemies, and must pretend to be a Tenarian exchange student while finding his way home.
Stickman Odyssey
Christopher Ford
This stick-figure retelling of the Odyssey (of sorts) is accessible, very funny, sometimes gross, but always smart. Zozimos and friends search for Sticatha while finding tons of adventure.
Explorer: The Mystery Boxes
Edited by Kazu Kibuishi
"What's in the mysterious box?" is the prompt that inspired these seven unique stories from seven talented graphic novelists that range from funny to scary to sad to thought provoking.
My Milk Toof
Inhae Lee
When two baby teeth came knocking at her door, artist Inhae Lee did what anyone would do: she invited them to live with her and photographed their hilarious, miniature antics.
Best Shot in the West: the Adventures of Nat Love
Patricia C. McKissack, Frederick L. McKissack Jr., Randy DuBurke, Anthony Wu
Graphic biography of Nat Love follows him from childhood as a slave through his exploits as a cowboy known as Deadwood Dick to his career as a railroad porter.
Courtney Crumrin Volume 1: The Night Things
Ted Naifeh
Courtney Crumrin moves with her parents into her creepy uncle's house in a well to do suburb. She discovers that the mean girls are not the only monsters in town.
The Secret of the Stone Frog
David Nytra
Leah and Alan awaken in a fairytalish world and must accept the guidance of a stone frog to begin their enchantingly complex journey home.
The Clockwork Girl
Sean O'Reilly, Kevin Hanna
Telsa and Huxely are friends from feuding families with different ideologies- technology vs nature. One night both families must come together to save Tesla and Huxely after a violent misunderstanding.
Around the World
Matt Phelan
Challenged with circling the world at the end of the nineteenth century, three very adventurers--an avid bicyclist, a fearless reporter, and retired sea captain--embark on epic journeys.
Giants Beware!
Rafael Rosada, Jorge Aguirre
Claudette wants to be a hero and slay monsters. She sets out with her brother and best friend to slay the giant that lives in the mountains outside her village.
Mystic: The Tenth Apprentice
Willow G. Wilson, David Lopez
Giselle and Genevive, orphans and best friends, secretly study the magical Noble Arts together, until one day, Giselle is given an opportunity that changes their lives, friendship, and the world!
The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths Vol. 1
James Froud, Brian Holguin, Alex Sheikman
& Lizzy John
A mysterious stranger tells the creation story of the world portrayed in Jim Henson's the Dark Crystal. Learn the tragic history of Thra, Aughra, the Gelflings, and the Crystal.
One Dead Spy: The Life, Times and Last Words of Nathan Hale, America's Most Famous Spy
Nathan Hale
The story of the Revolutionary war told through the life of Nathan Hale, America's most famous spy.
Legends of Zita the Spacegirl
Ben Hatke
Zita the Spacegirl is back along with old and new friends. She's still trying to find her way home while navigating galactic fame, a robot double, and exciting space adventures.
Annie Sullivan and the Trials of Helen Keller
Joseph Lambert
Portrays the early relationship between Helen Keller and her teacher Annie Sullivan. A unique look at these two famous characters and the people and events in their lives.
Author website: http://jamesburks.com/
Author website: http://www.markfearing.com/
PDF excerpt: http://dft.ba/-3Pa-
Author website: http://waverlyfilms.com/ford/
Author website: http://boltcity.com/
Author website: http://mymilktoof.blogspot.com/
Author website: http://dft.ba/-McKissack
Book website: http://dft.ba/-onipresscourtney
Browse the book: http://dft.ba/-ClockworkGirl
Author website: http://www.mattphelan.com/ATW.html
Book website: http://giantsbeware.com/
Author website: http://gwillowwilson.com/
Book website: http://dft.ba/-darkcrystalmyths
Author website: http://www.spacestationnathan.com/
Author's website: letflythecannons.blogspot.com
website: http://dft.ba/-HelenKeller
A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel
Adapted by Hope Larson
This graphic novelization of beloved Newbery winner, tells the story of Meg Murry, her brother Charles Wallace and friend Calvin as they travel the universe to rescue their father.
Author's website:http://hopelarson.com/

Rust: Visitor in the Field
Royden Lepp
Life on the Taylor family farm was difficult enough before Jet Jones crashes into the barn, chased by a giant decommissioned war robot!
The Girl Who Owned a City: The Graphic Novel
O.T. Nelson, Dan Jolley, Joelle Jones
A deadly virus killed every adult on Earth, leaving only the children behind. Someone has to take charge. Does Lisa have the strength to take charge of a whole city?
Witch & Wizard
James Patterson, Svetlana Chmakova
Author website: http://dft.ba/-WitchWizard
Whit and Wisty live in a world where an oppressive government is out to destroy "their kind". They must fight for freedom and the lives of their family and friends.

Young Miss Holmes: Casebook 1-2
Kaoru Shintani
Detective skills run in the Holmes family and 10 year old Christie Holmes is just as brilliant as her uncle Sherlock as she solves mysteries in her first casebook!
website: http://dft.ba/-YoungMissHolmes
Raina Telgemeier
Callie's dream of designing sets for Broadway. For now she designs for her junior high musical. But nothing goes smoothly in life OR theater and Callie’s ‘drama’ is just beginning.
Author's website: http://goraina.com/?tag=drama
Doug TenNapel
When Cam gets a cardboard box for a gift, he creates a man out of it. Overnight, the cardboard comes to life, which soon ignites a battle of cardboard creations.
Author's website: http://tennapel.com/comics.html
X-Men Schism
Jason Aaron, Kieron Gillen, Carlos Pacheco, Frank Cho, & more
The time has come for the X-Men to choose a path. The problem is Cyclops and Wolverine each have a different idea what that path should be...whose side will you choose?
Website: http://dft.ba/-XmenSchism

Baby's in Black
Arne Bellstorf
A love story between the "fifth Beatle" Stuart Sutcliffe and Astrid Kirchherr. Follow the early Beatles during their time in Hamburg, Germany. Based on a true story.
Book website: http://dft.ba/-BabysinBlack
Dear Creature
Jonathan Case
After discovering the works of Shakespeare in cast-off cola bottles, Atomic creature Grue decides to leave his home beneath the waves and find his true love and perhaps a life in the world above.  But has his appetite for humanity already ruined his chances?
Book website: http://www.dearcreature.com/
The Year of the Beasts
Cecil Castellucci, Nate Powell
Fifteen-year-old Tessa tries to be happy when her crush, Charlie, falls for her younger sister, Lulu. It becomes easier after she begins a secret relationship.
Book website: http://dft.ba/-YearoftheBeasts
Ghost Projekt Vol. 1
Joe Harris, Steve Rolston & Dean Trippe
An American weapons inspector teams up with a Russian operative to solve a string of supernatural murders after a break in at an abandoned Cold War research facility.
Book website: http://www.onipress.com/titles/h/412
Friends with Boys
Faith Erin Hicks
Think starting high school is stressful? Imagine being homeschooled all your life and then starting high school! Maggie has to cope with all this, three older brothers and a ghost.
Book/webcomic website: http://www.friendswithboys.com/
Ryan Inanza
Ichiro moves from New York to Japan where a shapeshifting tanuki brings him on a fantastic adventure into the mythological world of Japanese gods.
Justice League Vol. 1: Origin (The New 52)
Geoff Johns, Jim Lee
In a world still suspicious of a caped crusader , Batman must join forces with other superheroes to take on a new threat to humanity.
Book website: http://dft.ba/-JusticeLeagueOrigin
Batman Earth One
Geoff Johns, Gary Frank
It's a brand new take on The Batman. Just starting out, an angry Bruce Wayne discovers what it will take to become the Dark Knight in the Hell that is Gotham City.
Book Website: http://dft.ba/-BatmanEarthOne
Blue Exorcist
Kazue Kato
15 year old orphans Rin's life changes when he learns he's Satan's son. Rin hopes to control his demon nature and become an exorcist like the priest who raised him and his twin.
Book/anime series website: http://blueexorcist.com/
The Silence of Our Friends
Mark Long, Jim Demonakos & Nate Powell
Set in Houston in 1968, this semi-autobiographical account explores tensions during the Civil Rights Movement including the arrest and eventual release of 5 students during a riot on TSU’s campus.
Book website: http://us.macmillan.com/thesilenceofourfriends/MarkLong

Barry Lyga, Colleen Doran
Ryoko Kiyama, a character from a manga, falls through a rip into the real world and tries to survive as the ultimate outsider at a typical American high school.
Author/book website: http://barrylyga.com/novels/mangaman/

Between Gears
Natalie Nourigat
This honest, autobiographical account of a college senior's life will transport you to the land of Jell-O shots, term papers, road trips, and optimism in the face of uncertainty and change.
Author's website: http://betweengears.blogspot.com/

Brian Ralph
It's the zombie apocalypse and you are desperately trying to survive with only a dog and a one-armed companion. But the zombies never stop and neither can you.
Author's website: http://bralph.com/

Wandering Son
Shimura Takako, Matt Thorn
Fifth graders with a secret find friendship. Shuichi is a boy who wants to be a girl, and Yoshino is a girl who wants to be a boy.
Book website: http://www.fantagraphics.com/browse-shop/wandering-son-vol.-1-4.html?vmcchk=1
Trinity: A Graphic History of the First Atomic Bomb
Jonathan Fetter-Vorm
A straightforward, factual account of the creation of the atomic bomb from the first discoveries of atomic structure and radioactivity up through the dropping of the two infamous bombs in Japan.
Author website: http://www.fetter-vorm.com/
Baltimore: The Plague Ships, Vol. 1
Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden , Joe Hill, Ben Stenbeck & Dave Stewart
After a devastating plague ends World War I, Europe is suddenly flooded with vampires and a soldier, Lord Henry Baltimore, is determined to wipe out the monsters.
Author website: http://www.christophergolden.com/baltimore.html
A Bride's Story Vol. 1
Kaoru Mori
Young bride Amir is betrothed to a boy in a neighboring clan. She must navigate her new culture, husband, family expectations, and role as a woman in nineteenth century Asia.
Book website: http://www.yenpress.com/a-brides-story/
Batman The Black Mirror
Scott Snyder, Jock & Francesco Francavilla
New Batman, Dick Grayson, forges his own identity as the Dark Knight as his past comes on a collision course with that of Jim Gordon.
Book website:
Full Maverick list with links to websites and book trailers:
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