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No description

Logan Lowry

on 22 April 2011

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Transcript of Eminem

Eminem Biography Recent Media News Media Image Lawsuits Upcoming Events
Entertainment News Beef With Cannon Career New Recovery Album Created a Better Image not attacked for lyrics
did not attack media
Performance with Elton John
Top selling album of 2011 Two Superbowl Commercials Brisk Icey Tea
Chrystler Relapse Album Negavite Image Positive Image Released June 2010 Released May 19th 2009 Setting Records Facebook
Youtube 1 billion August 2011 July 2011 June 2011 Recovery named top global best Selling album in 2010 "and all of this controversy circles me and it seems like the media immediately points a finger at me. So i point one back at'em" -Eminem Deer Accident Film Industry
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