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justin delz

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of We are MOODLE

The Efficient Use of Moodle
to Students
and Teachers Why do we need to use moodle It is free; you can just download it without payment It can minimize the use of papers since everything that is use on the website.

It can also lessen the burden of the professors in checking the papers of the students. Students learn how to understand and process information on their own via online courses.

Moodle is designed to engage learners to participate and collaborate with one another. Contents *The software: Moodle
*The need to use Moodle
*The use Moodle
*Moodle for teachers/educators
*Moodle for students
*Student-teacher relationship
*Blackboard vs. Moodle
*Moodle is a low cost solution for successful e-learning The Moodle environment offers feature rich elements starting with the block elements like calendar, student activities and text up to activities like chat and forum and wikis. Less weight as you save on
paperwork (or paper marking) to carry with you Engaging into activities to motivate students in learning. They use this software as an extension
of their classroom practice
Give the student a direct links that they
can use to easily understand their lessons. Moodle for teachers/educators Moodle for students Moodle provides a simple, clear view of
all learning activities and resources for a unit, including all assessment information and assignment submission It helps a student to extend his/her learning
Enable a student to keep up with work whenever they miss their classes Moodle has tools that enable you to
'subscribe' to receive information
about your study. They are given the opportunities
to collaborate,
communicate and reflect Student-teacher relationship
will still be applied
because of the forums but, students will never have a bond time with their teachers as well as their classmates. There will be no emotional
attachment between the
students and teachers Student-teacher relationship Moodle is software that is copyrighted You can easily access with
the course that you are into
with the use of moodle. There is no need for you to buy books
and other reading materials just to study
because this software is offering
you a thousand modules to
study which is for free. Moodle is a low cost solution
for successful e-learning Assignments
> Learning tasks of the students Chat
> Real-time synchronous discussion Database
> Build, display and search a bank of record entries about any topic Glossary
> Create and maintain a list of definitions, like a dictionary Quiz
> Multiple choice, true or false, and essays Moodle’s activities MOODLE This is presented by: Name: Mary Kyla D. Cruz

Nickname: Kyla

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Religion: Roman Catholic

Birthday: September 8, 1996

Address: Tangos, Navotas City

Father’s Name: Amadeo Cruz IV

Mother’s Name: Rubirosa Cruz

Motto: “Even the best fall down sometimes.” Educational Background:
Tangos Elementary School
University of the East Caloocan City Campus
Mapua Institute of Technology Achievements:
One of the top students in her class but not included in the overall category.
Short Description:
She loves to surf the net, watching and reading reviews about the new trends of technology Name: Jenine Ericka R. De Guzman

Nickname: Ericka

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Religion: Roman Catholic

Birthday: October 10, 1995

Address: Bacoor, Cavite

Father’s Name: Erick De Guzman

Mother’s Name: Jenny De Guzman

Motto: “We are all born ignorant,

but one must work hard to remain stupid.” Educational Background:
Christian Grace School of Cavite
Divine Light Academy Molino
Mapua Institute of Technology Achievements:Graduate without honors but still considered as an average student.
Short Description:Ericka is interested on reading magazines, and when stumbling upon new information, she has the utter in discovering new information. Therefore, she also likes to search the web. Lastly, she wants to be fruitful in terms of ideas and knowledge and might as well to share something to others Educational Background:
San Leonardo Academy
Stella Maris College
Mapua Institute of Technology Name: Jelle Mendoza del Rosario

Nickname: Jelle

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Religion: Roman Catholic

Birthday: November 1, 1995

Address: 179 San Bartolome St. San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija

Father’s Name: Jeric del Rosario

Mother’s Name: Anabelle M. del Rosario

Motto: “When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.” Achievements:Achiever; Science Club Awardee; Loyalty Award; Academic awards; Leadership Award of the Year; Outstanding Student of the Year
Short Description:Jelle loves to read books, magazines, and journals. She is very generous. She loves helping other people as long as she can. Jelle always lead a group because she always takes the initiative to start the things that they should finish. She does her best in everything that she does. Lastly, as a Christian she loves to serve the Lord that’s why she is an altar server in Stella Maris College and in their church, and until now she is a member of the organization: Campus Crusade for Christ in MIT. Name : Justin Garth Nacu Dela Cruz

Nickname: Garth, Justin

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Religion: Roman Catholic

Birthday: January 18, 1996

Address: Mabiga Mabalacat, Pampanga

Father’s Name: Jobert O. Dela Cruz

Mother’s Name: Geraldine N. Dela Cruz

Motto: “KEEP MOVING FORWARD” Educational Background
Don Bosco Academy Pampanga
Mapua Institute of Technology Achievements:Silver Medalist in the Northzone athletic meet Throwing Division ; Silver Medalist Taekwondo Northzone Athletic meet; Bronze Medalist Gawaan ng Tula Filipino; Bronze Bulletin board making contest
Short Description:
Garth is one of the smart and responsible senior students in DBA. He finishes his works well and does it in the best ways he can. He is cheerful outside of the classroom but when it comes inside the classroom he becomes serious and focused. He is a flexible student that can do both training and study. He knows how to manage time and always looks forward in life, as his motto says “Keep Moving Forward”. It is an advance technology wherein students can view their scores right after taking their quiz. Moodle is easily accessible using web browsers, provided that there is an Internet connection. Moodle gives students the opportunity to work independently and interdependently. It provides information like giving notices and
announcements through Moodle. Helps to save time and money on
photocopying course materials. Teachers can easily share resources by uploading files in this software. END
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