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The eureka stockade/peter laylor

No description

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of The eureka stockade/peter laylor

The Eureka Stockade!
Peter Laylor
Is an Irish migrant. He came here was born in 1827 and moved to Australia in 1852 and started mining in 1854. He always wanted to be a politician but after the Eureka Stockade he became a politician. In the battle he ran away with a injured arm and the Governor sent out a message with a 200 reward if they caught him. Then the people respected his courage. So he went to the judge. He got sent free then he became a politician.
The Battle of the Eureka Stockade
The battle took 15 to 20 minutes and 22 military and 5 police got killed and 120 miners died. The miners were in the Eureka Stockade so they would be protected from the guards. The battle was very violent. The miners didn't stand a chance because the guards had armor and higher class weapons than the miners.





When the Eureka Stockade started and how.
The Eureka Stockade started when the people at Ballarat discovered that they found gold. Gold was a valuable thing and was worth a lot. Most people quit their jobs and started mining for gold so everything was out of business. So they created licenses for the mining and you had to pay for the license. Many people pretended to have license and got kicked out. You also had to pay for the amount of area you are mining in. But still a lot of people were still mining so the licenses increased that's when the miners had enough. the eureka stockade started in 1854 on the 3rd of December at 8:00.
The Eureka Stockade/Peter Lalor
The main impact.
The main impact of the eureka stockade was when the miners were angry about the license. Peter Lalor led the eureka rebellion to the war against the police when they took down the police mining flag that means the licenses would end so that's what they tried to do. At the end the licenses didn't end but they got decreased so they are cheaper. Then there became more sensible laws because of the Eureka Stockade.Australia became a more democratic country.
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