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Han Dynasty

Global Studies Period 5-6

Kathryn Saxon

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Han Dynasty

The Han Dynasty
By: Kathryn Saxon Liu Bang was a peasant rebel leader who founded the Han Dynasty in 206 BC. The Han Dynasty was split into 2 periods because it was briefly interuppted by the Xin Dynasty The period of the Han Dynasty is
considered a golden age in Chinese History. The Han Dynasty was divided into areas directly controlled by the central government known as commanderies. In the Han Dynasty, the emperor was at the top of the social classes and the government. The main goal of the Han Dynasty was to unify all of China. Education started to become more important in the time period of the Han Dynasty. The Han Dynasty was the first dynasty to use the philosophy of Confucianism. There were many different rulers of the Han Dynasty and some of them were:
Liu Bang 206 BC - 197 BC
Liu Ying 197 BC - 194 BC
Empress Lu 194 BC - 179 BC
Wen Di - Liu Heng, 179 BC - 156 BC
Jing Di - Liu Qi, 156 BC - 140 BC
Wu Di - Liu Che, 140 BC - 86 BC
Zhao Di - Liu Fuling, 86 BC - 73 BC
To this day, China's majority ethnic group refers to itself as the "Han people". The Emperor of the Han Dynasty had a cabinet, and the members were called the Three Excellencies. The Han Dynasty fell in 184 AD. If all of Chinese culture and information was wiped out, the Han Dynasty would be the topic to stay because it was the "Golden Age" of China. The Han Dynasty stressed the importance of uniting all of China and it's culture. The Han Dynasty made education important and influenced all of China for the better.
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