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No description

Jessica Chaffin

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Seagate

Notes on Valuation Ratio Analysis Market Multiples Enterprise Value Dividend Growth Holding Period Residual Income Company Overview Economic &
Industry Outlook Financial Summary Strengths &
Opportunities Weaknesses &
Threats Corporate Governance
& Subjective Criteria Porter's Five Forces Recommendation Ethan Buckles Jessica Chaffin Griffin Corn Kipp Jones Highest ethical and legal standards
Board of Directors contains 4 standing committees:
Nominating and Corporate Governance
CEO is Stephen Luczo Threat of new entrants
easy entry but difficult to compete with large companies
Bargaining power of buyers
difficult for buyers to dictate their price
Rivalry between existing competitors
competition has decreased
Threat of substitute products or services
growing threat of substitute products and services
Bargaining power of suppliers
suppliers have only moderate bargaining power Founded in Dublin, Ireland
One of the largest producers of hard disk drives
Built of three segments:
-Desktop and notebook computers
-Consumer electronic devices
-Enterprise data storage systems Affected by reduced government spending, QE3, and political uncertainty
Data Storage Devices industry in a time of change
Positive expectations regarding performance Enterprise Value:
Gross Profit Margins:
EBITDA Margins:
Net Income:
EPS: Companies looking to upgrade
Data storage needs constantly increasing
Acquisition of Samsung Electronics Consumer electronic devices that utilize solid state drives
Overproduction BUY just over $12 billion
36.17% growth
31.35% growth
26.28% growth
19.16% growth
445.53% growth
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