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History of Photography in Literature

No description

Bonnie Rowland

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of History of Photography in Literature

History of Photography in Literature Bonnie Rowland Technological Innovations The Industrial Revolution led to the invention of the steam-powered printing press at the turn of the 19th century.

Steam-powered rotary printing press (1843) had the ability to print millions of pages per day. Printing? Early photographic technique: camera obscura
First photograph taken in 1826

.This technique was replaced by the ambrotype process in the 1850s which projected the images onto glass, producing a "softer image than the metallic daguerreotype."

Late 19th century brings the development of roles of film (Kodak). Daguerreotype process developed in the 1830s using copper sheets that reacted to light. When? A form of
"literary contamination?" Positives... Enhance non-fiction & historical fiction readings
Can provide clarification
Improve text books
Provide supporting evidence
Inspire fictional writing Not so positives... Takes away or distracts from the reading experience
Too much reliance on photographs
"Coffee table" books
How? The first photography book was published in 1843 by Anna Atkins.
National Geographic published their first photograph in 1889.
More photography in literature around the turn of the 20th century.
Authors and photographers collaborated for their work to be exposed. Where? Non-fiction books Essays & Academic Journals Children's books Authors' self portraits Biographies, historical retelling, historical fiction, textbooks, etc. Dictee Theresa Cha Let Us Now Praise Famous Men James Agee Agee partnered with Walker Evans report on the lives of tenant farmers in the South.
The project began as a journalism assignment from Fortune Magazine in 1936.
There are photos of families, their belongings, property, etc.
Photos are directly related to the topic of the novel: farmers and their families in the South. Story is written in uncommon prose.
Contains Cha's personal thoughts.
There are a variety of different photographs in Dictee.
Historic photos
Movie still shots Both use photos to elaborate on the topic of their book.
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