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The Causes of the French Revolution

No description

Mr. Burton

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of The Causes of the French Revolution

International News
Political Commentary by: Sieyes
Sports Report
Je prononce à regret cette fatale vérité... mais Louis doit mourir, parce qu'il faut que la patrie vive.
- Maximilien Robespierre
American War of Independence Inspires
French Handball Team Moved After Courts Occupied
What is the Third Estate?
Today the French Handball team had to cancel their practice after they arrived to find a new government body had formed in their playing court.

The new body calling itself the National Assembly formed after they found their meeting room locked.

They are made up of former members of the Estate General and have agreed to meet in the space until they have made lasting change to French Politics.

"We showed up for our usual practice to find these guys on our courts! We have a big game against England coming up so hopefully this all sorts itself out soon!" The Captain of the French Frog Legs team has said in an official statement.
What is the Third Estate? This is a question that many have asked but few truly know the answer.

In my humble opinion, the Third Estate is a complete nation itself. It is a body that reflects the true people of France.

But it is also a body burdened with the dead weight of the First and Second Estate's.

Why do we make up 93% of the people of France and yet only have 1/3 of the say in the Estate's General?
July 14, 1789
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Top Story: Chaos Strikes City Prison
Mobs Storm the Bastille
Weather Report
Poor Harvests Threaten the Cost of Bread
Today one of the cities largest and oldest prisons, the Bastille, was stormed by an angry mob of peasants after the people's man inside government Jacques Necker was fired. This combined with the rising cost of bread led to an outburst of violence.

Necker was a people's favorite after stating that government has the responsibility of looking after
its peoples and not just those of the first and second estates.

During the violence the mob made off with much needed gun powder and arms which they may use again in the continuing struggles.

The King was not available for comment as he is away on a hunting trip. The Queen responded to the news by asking "What is a Bastille?" She then left to attend a fancy dress party showing very little concern.

This spring and summer we have experienced terrible weather that is threatening the crop yield this year. This will mean that the cost of bread will rise as farmers raise the cost of flour and other ingredients.

This comes after news that the King has been forced to step away from financial reform after a series of unsuccessful acts that have only made the situation worse.

Already in the streets of Paris the cost of bread has risen to a months wage and the people have reacted by breaking into bakeries, violence in the streets and lynching anyone caught holding vital supplies back.

The women of Paris have also risen up and stormed the King's residence at the Palace of Versailles. Reports suggest that the women were looking for Queen Marie Antoinette and would have torn her to shreds (like they did to her bed) if they had found her.

Instead, the terrified Queen fled to the King's apartments. Here the crowds were pleased in that their aims were met. Firstly, the King signed into law "The Declaration of the Rights of Man." Secondly, the King and Queen will accompany the mob back to Paris where they will reside henceforth. Finally, the King's private grain stores have been taken for the use of the population of Paris.
The Friend of the People
It is obvious that the members of the First and Second Estate's have similar interests in keeping us down. They live in luxury throwing parties while we work hard on their lands.

Why do we pay most of the tax while they pay little to none? Recently members of the Second Estate have been heard saying that they will refuse the Kings request for them to pay tax! If they can refuse why can't we?!
The suffering of the Third Estate.
It is with regret that I pronounce the fatal truth: Louis must die that the country may live.
- English Translation
Five years and three months ago the Americans fought for what they thought was right. They fought for their independence and won!

We can proudly say that we played a part in this freedom as our own men fought and died beside the Americans in the pursuit of freedom.

Yet we ourselves are anything but free! Perhaps it is time we took a lesson from these Americans and started our own war of Independence, not against the British but against a much closer foe, The King!

We have seen over the last five years how successfully the Americans have run their country without the need for a King. It is our time now!
Celebrity Gossip
King Throws Another Huge Party
Cartoon of the Week
The Contrast
Letters to the Editor
Why Did the French Revolution Happen?
King Louis XVI and his Wife Marie Antoinette threw another massive party this week at Versailles.

This comes after many have recently criticized the Royals for their elaborate spending while the rest of the country struggles to feed itself.

King Louis has been quoted as saying "I am God's chosen leader of this country and I will do as I see fit!"

The King then proceeded to eat three roasted chickens and all the cake leaving none for anyone else.

The King has faced criticism from many who feel that he does not take his role as King seriously.
King's outfit for next party revealed
The French Revolution is a very complicated historical event. We at the "Friend of the People" would like you to write us and explain why the revolution occurred.

In doing this we would like you to examine more than one reason, in fact, the more reasons you can provide and explain the better!

To get started you can use the writing frame we have provided below or if you wish you can do your own thing! It's up to you!

One reason why the French Revolution happened was because _________.

This was when _________.

This was important because _________.

A second reason why the French Revolution happened was because _________.

This was when _________.

This was important because ________.

Remember the more reasons the better! It will also be helpful if you can tell us if the different causes were long-term, short-term, or trigger causes!
Newspaper by: Jean-Paul Marat
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