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Encap Security: US Messaging Platform

No description

Jess Warren

on 8 February 2014

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Transcript of Encap Security: US Messaging Platform

1: Simple
Smarter Authentication
smärt·er au·thenti·cation
For the first time, you can forget that old trade-off between security and ease-of-use.

Smarter authentication continually increases security while also improving the customer experience and making it consistent across all channels and devices.

Smarter Authentication
2: Consistent
Encap Security takes a different approach to the same old problem of user authentication. Are you who you say you are? We answer this question in a method that the customer has proven to accept – mobile – with an in-app authentication solution that turns a user’s smart phone into a bank-grade security credential. Encap increases security while at the same time improving the customer experience, increasing adoption and revenue, decreasing costs and satisfying regulatory requirements.

Elevator Statement
3: Everyone Wins
Encap Security’s in-app authentication software is brilliantly simple. On the surface, it is so simple as to go unnoticed. The customer will flow right into your application without a second thought, and without the burden of tokens, complex passwords, security questions or SMS. Underneath, our solution is highly complex, adaptable and incredibly difficult to break. Our patented technology incorporates push notification, PIN entry, contextual authentication layers, key stroke dynamics, and elements of device fingerprinting.
Brilliantly simple
Incredibly easy for anyone to use, yet incredibly difficult for anyone to break.
Steve Jobs said, “Simple can be harder than complex.”
A smooth on-ramp to secure retail banking. None of the typical speed bumps.
Brain-dead simple.

We offer the first two-factor authentication solution to provide continuity across all platforms, devices and user scenarios. The customer will come to expect one, simple authentication experience for all digital transactions, including Card Not Present (CNP). Encap’s solution works within a bank or business’s application with risk-based adaptability to meet needs and requirements at every step.
Consistent experience across platforms

The first authentication solution with continuity across all platforms.
Don’t abandon channels or risk losing users. You can improve customer experience and adoption of services while increasing security.
The appropriate level of authentication for the activity being performed.
With Encap Security’s smarter authentication, everyone wins but the hackers. Encap’s software offers these benefits for banks, businesses and users:
Everyone wins
FFIEC guidance is expected in 2014 to focus on mobile security and potentially CNP.
There are many ways Encap creates ROI. It reduces hardware costs, password resets, lowers interchange rate on CNP, reduces fraud, and requires no cost for consumer education because it is so easy to use.
Increases adoption of services because it is so easy to use

Reduces cost by minimizing the need for customer support and hardware

Generates revenue by adding an in-demand, billable feature

Deployable at scale right away and can be quickly integrated within a brand’s existing application through a simple, publicly-available SDK

Fulfills both current and upcoming FFIEC regulatory guidance
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