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Learn how to Prezint with Prezi

Use the links, instructions, and information within this Prezi to learn how to create a Prezi.

Amy Mayer

on 7 August 2013

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Transcript of Learn how to Prezint with Prezi

Learn how to Prezint:
Amy Mayer
amayer@huntsville-isd.org, amy@friedtechnology.com
What is Prezi?
Get an educator account
(if you qualify)
Complete the Prezi tutorial
If you closed the Prezi tutorial, click "Help" at the top of your Prezi, then click "Interactive Tutorial" to get it back again
Learn Prezi Video One
1. Add a title and some other text. Move the bits around.
3. Insert a few pictures high quality pictures (maybe your school mascot?), rotate them and move them around.
4. Insert a YouTube Video
5. Create a path, then test it out
Consider working on a specific topic you could use later. Examples: Campus Improvement Plan, School Safety information, Dress Code changes, etc.
Frames, Grouping, Forward/Back
1. Create a frame for a group of ideas & use a hidden frame
2. Resize the frame and all the items in it at once
3. Hide some details
4. Practice overlapping some pictures and moving them to the foreground and background
5. A little something extra: Select a bunch of stuff at once and resize it all
The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide and attains a depth of over a mile (6,000 feet). -Wikipedia
Share your Prezi
1. Share your Prezi with someone via email
2. Edit this Prezi together
3. Return to Prezi and create a path
4. Add a new element (picture or text) and add it into your path
This Prezi: http://goo.gl/xfz8I
1. Import a Power Point
2. Group your slides
3. Rearrange and resize slides
4. Create a path
Import/Reuse a Prezi
5. Check out the reusable Prezis here:
Explore some stunning Prezis
2. Change the color of some of your text to a color
that is NOT a part of your Prezi theme.
Add some text

Hold down shift, then draw a box over all the elements you want to select, then change the size or move them.
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