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Fire fighting training

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pablot123 pablot123

on 3 September 2010

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Transcript of Fire fighting training

Lesson objectives
1. What is fire?
2. How does fire spread?
3. What are the causes of fire?
4.How to extinguish a fire?
5. What legislation is available?
6. What to do in the event of a fire?
Fire spreads in three ways: 1. Conduction 2. Convection 3. Radiation Conduction refers to the solid transmission of heat a in solid objects.

In a fire, heat is transferred from hot to cold objects.

Convection refers to to heat transmission in liquids/gases.

In a fire, convection generally forces hot air upwards.

Radiation refers to the transfer of heat energy through electromagnetic energy

When these waves come into contact with an object, they transfer heat to that object.

Fire is ‘a process of combustion characterised by heat, flame or smoke or any combination of these’.

Fire requires three elements to exist: 2. Heat 3. Fuel 1. Oxygen This is known as What is Flammable liquids
Stored goods / high piled storage
Human activities, for example, cigarettes

Office sources of fire Office sources of ignition Heating
Naked flames

Good housekeeping principles Do not accumulate waste material, for example, packaging.
Remove rubbish regularly.
All waste awaiting disposal must be kept in a specific safe area.
Keep escape routes clear.
Ensure all fire doors are closed at all times.
Ensure electrical sockets are not overloaded.

3. Cooling There are numerous ways to extinguish a fire by removing one of the three elements that fire requires to exist.

1. Starvation 2. Smothering Smoothering a fire signifies the removal of oxygen

Starving a fire signifies the removal of fuel.

Cooling a fire signifies the removal of heat

Causes of fire Fire can spread in many ways including:
Poor housekeeping
Electrical fault/misuse
Chemical reaction
Lack of common sense

Legislation available

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