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Air Expands in Heat

Air expands in heat but when put in cold water, it shrinks.

Kajal Gupta

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Air Expands in Heat

If you want your balloon to inflate a lot, you need to fill up the hot water container with really hot water. Does Air Expand when Heated? In conclusion, we all learned that air can expand when heated. 1. Fill one container with hot water and the other container with cold water.
2. Poke a hole on the bottom of the water bottle.
3. Put the balloon on the top of the the bottle and use tape to make it secure.
4. Put the bottle in the container containing the hot water and watch the balloon inflate.
5. Then put the bottle in the container containing the cold water and watch it deflate. Make sure when you fill up the container that you fill it up half way only. We tell you this because when you put the bottle in the container and the container is very full, the water will spill everywhere. Some of the materials we used were: Procedure: Materials: Some predictions we made were: (2) Containers

(1) Balloon

(1) Water bottle

Tape Abhishek, Karen, Kajal, Janessa and Edward Hypothesis: Tip: Conclusion: Tip: Make sure you have adult supervision. This can be a dangerous activity when putting the hole in the bottle or when you put the hot water in the container. I predicted that the balloon wouldn't inflate when we put into hot water - Kajal I hypothesize that the balloon will inflate when we put it into the hot water proving that air expands when heated - Abhishek I hypothesize that the balloon will inflate just a little in the warm water - Karen I predict that the balloon wouldn't inflate that much when put into hot water - Janessa Observation: We noticed that when we kept the water bottle in the container hot, the balloon began to inflate. We also noticed that it would inflate slowly because the water wasn't boiling hot. When we put the bottle in the cold water, it would deflate very quickly because the warm air going into it had changed temperature and the balloon could only inflate in hot water. Tip: Tip: This experiments works better if you are in a cold room. It will help the hot water be more effective.
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