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The 4 Ds of Smoking

The 4 Ds of smoking: Debt, Delinquency, Disease, and Death. The Cigarette must be one of the worst inventions in the history of mankind. (Can also apply to drugs).

Thomas Griffiths

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of The 4 Ds of Smoking

Smoking Leads To: Death Disease Debt Delinquency Once you are addicted to smoking
you lose control of your life. Smoking
dulls the senses and takes away your
common sense. Eventually the only
thing you will think about is the next
cigarette. Addictions are powerful and can
lead you to debt and poverty.
Cigarettes are expensive and yet
the average person (excluding
mormons of course) smokes up to 20 cigarettes a day! Smokers can lose up to 250,000
dollars in 30 years. Most of the
beggars in urban areas are just
desperate smokers who have
sacrificed everything just for
another roll of toxic chemicals. Smokers can be desperate enough to shoplift. The addiction is so strong that people will go to any measure to have another dose. Smoking will cloud your judgement and infleunce you to commit crime and risk your freedom for a "life of ease." When your drunk you can't think straight and crime suddenly seems appropriate, almost logical! It is not suprising that disease is one of the consequences
of smoking. Breathing smoke is obviously going to be harmful to your lungs. Cigarettes contain a mixture of toxic chemicals, tar, ammonia, not to mention all the addictive ingredients like nicoteine, and even insecticide! Imagine people with a bottle of insectide in their mouth and even that's not enough to fully comprehend how dangerous cigarettes really are! Smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, vascular disease, tongue cancer, and almost everything you can think of! In my view the cigarette is the world's greatest collection of harmful substances rolled into a thin piece of paper. Smoking is death's greatest weapon, every year an
estimated 438,000 people die from smoking or
exposure to second-hand smoke every year.
These deaths cost America up to 10 billion dollars
in productivity. It has also been reported that
smoking reduces adult life expectancy by almost
14 years! Smoking can kill you in several ways but primarily by disease. Smoking related deaths also include automobile accidents, suicide, and house fires. The total number of deaths caused by smoking worldwide was approximately 5 million in the year 2000. According to the CIA world factbook around 55 million people died in 2005. If compared smoking is responsible for 1/11th of all the deaths worldwide. Breathe Healthily, Live Happily!
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